Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Dracos Want Freedom and the Murdering Elite Humans Want Amnesty? Really?

Lol… Is this a joke? (see Michael Salla’s post at the link below)

… And if the Sphere Alliance doesn’t agree to their terms they will what?! They already tried to start WWIII and failed, for crying out loud—multiple times.

Is that what Jade Helm is about? If we don’t capitulate they’ll round us up and murder us?

Jade Helm was planned a long time ago, and this is all probably part of their agenda to avoid being captured, tried, and incarcerated or put to death; their last ditch effort.

We were warned they would be up to their tricks more than ever now, in sudden death overtime of this already tiring game.

What about all the other star nations—you know…the ones who have been fighting the reptilians and sacrificing their lives for years and continue to fight this battle for Humanity? Do they have any say in this?

I find it interesting that the Sphere Alliance and Corey Goode all show up within a relatively short time span just as Earth is about to be freed and the cabal is about to be arrested, and now the talk is all about the threats the Dracos are making so we will let them go free and grant amnesty to the pedophile baby killers.

Oh—and now there are suddenly these new Artificial Intelligence overlords we didn’t know about before? A likely story.

And when will Humanity be consulted as to THEIR wishes—if this is all even true?

These meetings are getting more and more difficult to believe, from my perspective.

The Galactics have always insisted on minimal involvement in Earthlings’ affairs, but now suddenly the Sphere Alliance is taking full control of our destiny? By whose authority?

I don’t think the cabal/Illuminati/Dracos have any bargaining power at all; they’re just bluffing to see if the stupid Humans will cave and let them get away.

If they had the power to do anything, they wouldn’t BE negotiating.

I don’t believe, from what we’ve been told in the past, that the star nations would agree to let the Dracos out into the cosmos to spread their infection again, now that they are finally contained.

reptilians meeting

Earth is the last planet to be disinfected. Who would throw that all away? I don’t believe the Pleiadians, Andromedans, Sirians, Arcturians and other races who have been our guardians for so long would bargain with them.

The reptilians and “Royal” dracos who have tortured and eaten Humanity are the scourge of the Universe, have done similar on other planets, and must be eliminated and/or dealt with in a way that Humanity finds closure.

I feel this whole Sphere Alliance/Corey Goode/AI thing is nothing more than a trick to get Humanity to agree to let them go free. They need our agreement. That’s my take on it—

—particularly as Corey Goode contacted Drake and told him that the information Thomas Williams shared on the Cosmic Voice show was from an Illuminati imposter and is false. He even knew his name. That’s just too much information at Corey’s fingertips to be believable. It’s highly suspect to me. The cabal fakesters make that mistake every time in their false flags. T.M.I.

An hour after 9/11 Bush tells us who done it. Corey knows precisely who contacted Thomas Williams.

And since then, Thomas has continued to share the information about the “parents” and the remaining Illuminati controllers, so I think Thomas has good reason to believe he is communicating with a valid source. (I will be sharing more on that soon)

Perhaps this contact of Thomas is going to upset the plans of the faction of Dracos/elite Corey Good is representing and foul up their plans to have us release them and grant amnesty? Something isn’t right here.

These criminals are dead in the water and they know it or they wouldn’t be negotiating. The cabal is scared silly and will do anything to try to save their sorry ass because they know we are coming to get them.

They should have thought of that years ago when we offered to accept their surrender. Now, they will do ANYTHING to avoid their just desserts.

Yes, now they will have to suffer the effects of the Intergalactic Wave. Maybe that will kill them all. Is that why they’re running for their bunkers—so the Wave can’t take them out?

I don’t believe anything they say any more, really; they have lied and manipulated their way to this point and will continue to break every promise. Since Corey Goode was in the MILAB program, I can’t believe him either. Sorry.

I wrote this last night and then slept on it and I feel the same way this morning.

I won’t believe it unless someone credible confirms it. Jesus or E.T. or Princess Diana. ~ BP