Monday, August 17, 2015

Corey Goode FaceBook Update - August 17, 2015

Cobra was attacked in one of the same blogs that I was. Alfred Webre has gone rogue in a major way. You should see the emails that he is sending to people who support myself or Cobra that are being forwarded to me. He is VERY nasty to them (Reactionary behavior once again) and always pushes his new book that has some conflicting info but also quite a lot of info to support both myself and Cobra...

 I am really spending a lot of time sitting back letting these people hang themselves. David Sweet/Earth Sheriff has been taunting me in emails (Kept them all, he looks insane in them) while I have also been contacted by a couple people who he has trolled/stalked and they have given me the few aliases he uses (Sweet is not his real name) as well as his criminal and psychiatric records (Much of which are public and are shocking)...

I have received quite a lot of information on another blogger who "Loves" to attack me. Their information is also quite shocking and will quickly cause the people they have been working with to distance themselves from them... The list of communications/paper trails is vast and very ugly (Not to mention a mind control expert who is a "Former Illuminati" disinfo agent that Bill Ryan is calling an "Illuminati White Hat" who is the most mind controlled and mind controlling of them all, and soon to be given a larger stage by K.C. who has also been duped).

 There are two Private Investigators that I think will be distancing themselves from this situation as well that were talked into taking a case against me based on lies (Right Todd?). When ever have you seen so many people so reactionary on such a large scale? There are dozens of people out there who claim to have been involved in the SSP's and in contact with multiple ET's...

Why is this information being attacked so strongly? The AI Prophets and Cabal are very upset that is why! As stated prior, much of this was info that was NEVER supposed to make it into the public mind. The cabal had done a good job of controlling researchers and those being interviewed up until this point... It is now time for some of those who know these same details to come forward, including former Camelot and other whistleblowers who walked right up to the line but didn't cross it when it came to disclosing this info to humanity. NOW IS THE TIME... CG 


Mini Update: David Wilcock and Myself will be appearing on "Fade to Black" with Jimmy Church on Monday, August 24th. I will also be appearing on "Caravan to Midnight" with Ken Keeling as soon as we can arrange a date in their schedule.

We have also had several other invitations that we haven't been able to respond to yet. Many invitations were lost in the huge email response I received after the release date of the show. Thankfully some of them have began to contact me again and my awesome site admin has been locating the interview invitations and sending them to me.

Open Your Minds Radio (Ireland) has requested that we come back for a part 2 interview as well. When George Noory interviewed me for 2 episodes for his show "Beyond Belief" (Should air on Gaiam TV in the next 2 weeks) he stated that he would like to have us on "Coast to Coast" very soon.

So, after a time of quiet there will soon be quite a lot of information coming out through reports and radio shows in the near future. There is a LOT going on between the Cabal Groups and between the Earth Alliance Groups on Earth, with much occurring in Asia as I think many of you are figuring out from the small amount of info leaking out on the MSM.

Thank you for your patience. I will now go back to my vacation and walk out the door and 30 meters down to the beach. This should recharge me and get me ready for a very busy next few months.