Friday, August 7, 2015

Excerpts From Cosmic Voice Radio Show - Drake, Blue Avians, Mind Control, Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Wave X, AI, and more- August 5th 2015

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He said they were well aware their updates on the Blue Avians, Sphere Alliance, etc. were counter to what some were claiming, but they have always done a lot of research, have multiple confirmations, personal experience and other methods of validating their claims. It’s not 2nd and 3rd hand information. There are members of Cosmic Voice with their own abilities.

Thomas says their research and contacts indicate that the Blue Avians are a mind control program, and when a controlled individual breaks away from the Illuminati fold, they are triggered with this Blue Avian “saviour program”.

Drake also does remote viewing and can connect to any consciousness. He says when it comes to the Blue Avians there’s nobody home, and as for the Spheres, they’re there, but he won’t discuss them because he’s been asked not to.

They couldn’t just sit back and let this disinformation go out to everyone and went directly to David Wilcock and told him the truth about the Blue Avians and Spheres but he refused to listen and takes Corey’s word for it.

The fact that David’s ‘Divine Cosmos’ site went down recently seems too much of a coincidence.
While he may be well-intentioned, Thomas says Dr. Simon Atkins and Skyaia and his discussions about “Wave X” are fear-based programming. It is NOT “Wave X” and he is taking information from other people.

The Wave will only be positive for everyone except the cabal and Illuminati minions.
“Wave X” (like Planet X) is the negative, cabal version of The Wave, using CERN to direct energies to Saturn.

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