Friday, August 14, 2015

GoodETxSG/Corey Goode Update - August 13, 2015

(Below is a compilation from some of our recent Facebook posts)

Hello, I am currently working on an update. The info for it is unfolding and as a part of that scenario I was asked to post an image of a certain tarot card (admittedly strange).

From background chatter it sounds like right now is a good time to be either a defector from this group know as the Cabal and join the opposition or take part in the preparation of the world for a full disclosure by coming forward in that arena as a whistleblower.

Here is an interesting article about EM Drives. There has been an interesting amount of soft disclosure by the establishment recently. The Secret Earth Governments (and their many syndicates) are also pursuing clemency deals with the "Earth Based Alliances". After the recent rejection of the last Royal White Draco/Committee of 200 (Chairmen) "offer/threat" there has been heavy monitoring of these groups in case they were looking to make good on the threats that were disguised as an offer.

The Sphere Being Alliance (SBA) communicated to the SSP Alliance Council that this was not a deal that the SBA were able to make. It is humanities deal to work out. It was made clear that it was going to be completely up to humanity what type of experiences we will go through next. Those that were at a level of the Earth Based Alliance Groups that have been getting access to various levels or versions of the cosmic disclosures that are unfolding are said to be making deals that they are not authorized to make as a legitimate organization that represents humanity. Everyone, including the SSP Alliance is going to have to stand before a true representative body of humanity before all is said and done. As stated, even though many of these people are well intentioned and honorable in their goals, they are also people that will need a lot of healing before they can return to society.

It is becoming apparent that some of these grass roots groups, to start International Courts and Tribunals based on Natural Law, may be something that many of us need to get behind in one way or another.

If "we" are going to be the ones that free ourselves using the tool of our mass consciousness then maybe we should go about manifesting that change on all levels. I say keep up the loving and forgiving thoughts and meditative focus on becoming service to others on basis. Now it is time for more people to come out of the shadows and tell what they know. Now is also the time to be a peaceful catalyst in making things happen.

A good deal of the information I have received from the BA's recently has been more of a personal and spiritual nature as well as reminders of talking about high vibrational food while eating lousy or allowing myself to hold a grudge against someone only because they do with me. It is certainly difficult to practice what you are told to preach (so to speak) and extremely difficult to walk the service-to-others path.

It turns out that often we can get pretty good at becoming giving, loving and forgiving of others. When it comes to ourselves however we have a underlying feeling that we are still not worthy of that forgiveness.

I will cover a few bits of info in the new update including information about the latest offer from the Royal White Draco being turned down as well as a meeting between the underworld groups. It turns out that Gonzales has been meeting with a sort of council of representatives from the various ancient breakaway civilization groups and non human groups that consider themselves indigenous to the earth.

Some of these groups have not always been the most positive groups towards humanity but after recent subterranean skirmishes against the Secret Earth Governments, their syndicates as well as their allied off world groups they have given up some of their isolationist traditions and began meeting openly with groups they once hid their existence from.

The area's under Tibet were hit hard and are expected to be obvious targets in the future.
So far there has been no real response from the Committee of 200 faction after receiving the denial of their clemency proposal. Gonzales told me to tighten up my seat-belt but I told him the controlled demolition of this huge Earth/Space industrial machine that the cabal was going to be a bumpy ride anyway.

Gonzales stated that recent observations show that the "AI Threat" has made its way into the consciousness of humanity. The SSP Alliance considers this just one of the disclosure successes that I and DW (and everyone who helped pass the info along) were able to get out there in a larger way. There is quite a lot more work to do. We do need to make it known to everyone and to "source" itself that we are ready for a "Full Disclosure Event" followed by a world court that would allow all of humanity to have a say. The SSP Alliance has proposed the above as well as the release of heavily suppressed technologies. There are a large number of groups on the earth that are all saying they are better than the cabal, ready to step in and take over ruling in a similar way. These various alliance groups have been engaged in negotiations with the opposition and even being infiltrated by them.
There are a few challenges we need to deal with right now. It is good that people are waking up and are ready to engage the world around them. The time has come for everyone to do their part.

I have to admit I was more than a little overwhelmed with all of the contacts and interview requests. I am having to upgrade my web host with all of the traffic as well as a few reported glitches.

I am not going to be able to catch up on email anytime soon. If you have sent me an interview request for your show I apologize for my lack of response the last couple of weeks.

I am going to try to get some interviews knocked out with a few people ASAP.  I look forward to doing some shows in the near future. I plan on chatting with DW tonight. I am not sure if we will be doing joint interviews or not in the future. I kind of liked how the last one went.

Thank you for all the recent support amid some interesting times.

I am on the road w/the family for 10 days. We are having that vacation we so desperately deserve!
I am seeing ALL KINDS of Mis-Information (to be kind, much is blatant Dis-information) from bloggers and forum posters. I have had to laugh at some of the remarks of the Blue Avians being an "AI/Cabal Mind Control" project of some sort...

The "AI Prophets" of the Secret Earth Government Syndicates (Cabal/Illuminati) have been extremely upset at me disclosing the extent off their AI Gods, Human Slave Trade/Crimes Against Humanity and SSP Infrastructure.

What has vexed me the most are these DISCLOSURE DATES!

I NEVER GAVE THESE DATES! Where did they come from?

People are trying to assign a September and November time table to me when I have never put one forth and have always stated that I will not ever put a time table forward since the time table is in the hands of humanity's consciousness awakening.

EVERY Request/Offer/Veiled Threat by the Cabal for partial disclosure, having disclosure 50 years in the future OR allowing clemency for ALL Cabal/Illuminati/ET/ED beings that have been involved in the crimes against and subjugation of humanity have been DENIED! (But bloggers say we are accepting deals on the behalf of humanity knowing this is not true!)

The Sphere Alliance has stated this is NOT THEIR DEAL TO MAKE! Once there is a catalyzing event (global in nature. Financial?) Followed by a Full Disclosure Event involving mass data dumps... WE THE PEOPLE OF EARTH will be making these decisions!

The only deals that are being made right now are to bring in defectors/witnesses/victims of these groups (Some of which are getting nasty labels from researchers ignorant of the full and true nature of these sources treasure trove of "intel" and breadth of knowledge of the full spectrum of the programs hidden from the lower level insiders) who are now bringing data in the same form Snowden has. The recent data hacks against the Cabal entities in the U.S. and E.U. have them in a complete panic.

The odds of getting to November w/no FULL disclosure are 100% IMHO. The Cabal is in a huge panic, is extremely upset at the data about their "AI Prophet" activities being released, Their Sol System Infrastructure, Human Slave Trade, and information about some of their groups such as the Order of the Black Sun to name just a few.

It is humorous that the "AI Prophets" are now lashing out and calling the Blue Avians an "AI Psy-op", just as it is bizarre that people are actually buying the notion that the Satanic Cabal that wants to wipe out 90% of humanity is now exposing how their magic really works (Via our mass consciousness), Luciferian/Satanists are wanting the useless eaters that they control to Wake Up to their power of consciousness, become more LOVING (these ARE beings that actually FEED off of FEAR!) and become Service To Others (These are beings that use everything to keep us against each other, religion, race, politics etc...), Raise our vibrations to make the transition to 4D (These beings are using CERN and other technologies to try to interrupt/block this process), To reveal the FULL extent of the Multiple SSP's (& their vast infrastructure) which they have been working hard for decades to convince people only a very low tech version "may exist"... Treat your body as a temple and change to a "High Vibratory Diet" while at the same time these beings have "poison" our food supply and GMO's our crops to make us ill and shorten our lifespans...

This really makes sense to people? This is the Cabal Psy-Op?

The Cabal Psy-Op is the program to discredit recent disclosures of information that were NEVER supposed to be known to humanity...

These clever infiltrators have manipulated the egos off a few researchers and taken info presented, twisted it and in some cases lied/made up things that were never a part of my testimony. All anyone has to do as spend the time to research what info I have put out "IN CONTEXT" to see the majority of the attackers have manipulated information in some cases working directly alongside Illuminati Agents, making themselves agents in return.

It makes further sense to people that a self-professed "Illuminati Insider" is being listened to when EVERY legit Illuminati Insider that has come forward and told the truth has told stories of sexual/mental abuse and heavy mind control from birth (trained to mind control others) is now giving info with zero info about this occurring to them in their past publicly while they stated these things all happened to them in private conversations to myself and others (It happens to ALL Illuminati Members, no exceptions!)?

Researchers who jump to call any and all persons that have been involved in any of the hundreds of "MILAB" type programs "Mind Controlled Super Soldiers" or "Cabal Shills" and all their data should be flushed? Do you see the disconnect in their logic yet???

If you do not want to believe what I and others are saying, if it goes against your years of building up an esoteric belief system (Or Ufo Religions) that is fine, but don't be a hypocrite. If you feel the need to lash out and attack in a very spiritually devolved way because you disagree that only reflects on your own spiritual journey. I'm not saying if you disagree w/me you are spiritually in a lower vibratory rut. I am saying the manner in which one rebuts what they disagree with... their agenda and polarity certainly DO show how evolved/devolved they are mentally and spiritually.

If you choose to believe the misled bloggers or those intentionally misleading (Rationalizing their "disinfo campaigns" as for the greater good, just as the cabal does) the public then this is a summary of what they now believe the Cabal Message is...

Every day focus on becoming more “Service To Others” oriented. Focus on being more “Loving” and “Focus on raising your Vibrational and Consciousness Level” and to learn to “Forgive Yourself and Others” (Thus “Releasing Karma”). This will change the Vibration of the Planet, The “Shared Consciousness of Humanity” and “Change Humanity One Person at a time” (Even if that “One Person” is yourself.). They say to treat your body as a temple and change over to a “Higher Vibrational Diet” to aid in the other changes. This sounds to many like a “Hippy Love and Peace” message that will not make a difference. I assure you the “Path” they lay out in “Their Message” is a difficult one. Even on the unlikely chance that these technologies stay “Suppressed”, imagine what a world we would live in if everyone made these changes to their selves?

There have been some recent SSP Alliance Council Meetings as well as a few other meetings that Gonzales has been attending for the most part while I am working on other action items.

Reports are being worked on to release soon.

There is an amazing amount of activity going on with the Earth Alliance (some rogue infighting over a new financial system) as well as some activities among ET Groups as well as a recent meeting with a council of Subterranean Ancient Earth Break Away Civilizations.

There have been quite a lot of recent battles between groups not related to the SSP Alliance or the Sphere Alliance.

We are also compiling the vast amount of data from paper/communication trails from some of the misguided people who are attempting to discredit me using cabal resources and tactics.
I will be working on these action items as well as will be picked up for a meeting while on vacation with the family.

Raw-Tear-Eir showed concern that many people are more interested in an entertaining mission report than they are in listening to the message and working on becoming more service-to-others.

Do not focus on the Sphere Alliance/Blue Avians too much! They made it known that some date in the future when humanity has undergone acclimation to the new background energies that the Spheres would fade away and that the "Two Unknown Sphere Beings" will remain for a "time" in a Guardian Service to humanity while we are a 4th Density transitional species.

These last 2 Sphere Beings will NOT communicate with or show themselves until after we have been through a full disclosure event, a global reconciliation event, and we are in control of the Sol System and its resources (Infrastructure) as well as are opening relations with other civilizations (All of this will occur while we are in "Transition").

So, let us focus on taking what is our from the Cabal/Secret Earth Governments and get ourselves on the correct path as a species and as individuals... It starts with each individual changing this reality one person at a time.

TY, Until my next reports...