Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Intel from Randy Cramer (Secret Space Program) via an intelligence source

August 19, 2015

2015-07-08 11.21.15Some pretty cool intel just came in from Randy Cramer via an inside intelligence source!

I am sure all of you are fully aware of the passengers identified on the doomed flights at the time of the 9/11 fiasco. If not, the list of passengers included military personnel, NASA personnel, intelligence contractors, aeronautics contractors, and other government officials. There were way fewer passengers then expected on those flights, to the point where open seats were expeditiously filled as quickly as possible. In fact here is an excerpt from the website regarding just that:

“Flight 11 and Flight 175, both Boeing 767s with approximately 180 available seats, had 76 and 46 passengers respectively. Flight 77 and Flight 93, both Boeing 757s with approximately 200 available seats, had 50 and 26 passengers respectively.”

Very strange indeed, when you consider the policy of airline companies today demanding full occupation of seats before take-off if possible (considering how popular these flights are and how major the connecting cities are affiliated with these flights).

Unfortunately, those planes took off from their affiliated airports out of New York City, Arlington, and Shanksville with the intention that these passengers would never reach their expected destination. In fact, Lambert Filed in Saint Louis, MO had a bizarre occurrence when the entire airport was shut down that day. Apparently now it is becoming evident through uncovered documentation that a plane flew into this airport and was parked in a NASA hanger. According to Randy, this is an alternate space shuttle landing location as well. Well the passengers were offloaded at this location but here is where it gets weird and new information has come in as to where they REALLY went…
It appears that they were jump gated right to Mars. Being repatriated to Mars is one thing, but Randy and I both discussed that it is a high likelihood that they ended up in the Mars colonies for mining purposes.;-(

There is also evidence that this same thing occurred with Flight 70, a Malaysian airlines redirected to Diego Garcia.

Just an interesting tid-but from all of us here at GalacticConnection