Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Intel Update from Tory Smith - Via GalacticConnection.Com

Hey Folks –

Tory Smith_0.jpgI am a bit delayed in releasing this information so I do apologize. Many of you know that I have been in the midst of a move so everything is a bit you would say “scattered.” For God sake, I had a hard time finding my underwear for a while there…probably TMI…

Anyway hopefully that made you all laugh.

Here is what Tory shared with me last week:

He has received 112 doses of poison and has really been under severe attack folks. He has also been subjected to seeing 2 separate child sacrifice rituals, which has really broken his heart. Luckily he was successful in helping these children reconnect with their souls, something he shared with me. I hadn’t put that together until now, that it isn’t only about drinking thier blood and extracting the energies of the child at the time of the sacrifice, but also stealing their souls. He works dedicatedly to assist in whatever capacity he can to stop these sorts of events from happening.

He also wanted everyone to know that he was told by his Guidance that he took part in the arrest of the Bushes and the Cheneys. All members of the Bushes have been arrested!!!

He was told that TSA agents, 13 FBI agents, Prince Andrew were all to be arrested in early August and that we would experience DIVINE JUSTICE soon!!!

He was also told 32 clones were still left, the other 4 Obama’s were dead with only one Obama left now.

The Dark are now using a Disease ray poison at this final hour against him and others…

The good news is 3000 people were arrested and taken aboard ships!!!

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Love ya guys!