Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Clarion Call for Sabine McNeill

A Clarion Call for Sabine McNeill
Sabine McNeill
We know Sabine Mc Neill as one of the main advocates for Alisa and Gabriel in the groundbreaking, infamous Hampstead Case; yet the scope of Sabine’s work in the world is far more encompassing. She sacrificed having the comfort and “safety” of her home and community, not to mention her financial stability (her pension was stopped by the UK government). She left her home in England oFebruary 11, 2015, when the UK government put out a warrant for her arrest. The warrant was simply based on her “leaking” the truth of the heinous crimes of the thousands of murders and rapes of our babies and children… all committed by our politicians and our religious and educational “trusted caretakers” of humanity. If you are not familiar with the Hampstead Case, visit The undeniable truth of the rampant addiction to eating babies and molesting children BY OUR “LEADERS” is staggering. Alisa and Gabriel were literal heroes to risk their lives to give us the truth... and Sabine is no different. 

On “03 August 2015” Sabine decided to take the courage to return to her home in the UK to have access to her belongings and to be close to her friends and community. She expected to be arrested and put through severe questioning, even though she committed no crime. You can see the footage on . Upon her to return to the UK, they put her under house arrest and made the stipulation that she would not be allowed to make any public statements whatsoever on the internet, nor through any form of media. Free speech is no longer one of her “privileges”. In reality, none of us have free speech. This case is an extreme example to help us realize how we have been lied to about our freedom of speech. Mainstream media hasn’t even exposed this caseexcept by whitewashing the culprits and badmouthing the mother, Sabine and her closest advocate Belinda McKenzie. They prefer to promote celebrities and lies upon lies to distract us from the truth of what they need to hide the most. They don’t want us to find out, because they know they are out numbered by us. The power that we have together, when we reunite our strength and stand for our sovereignty together is exactly what they fear the most.

Sabine's next date with the Police is on October 4th. She could possibly face 20 years in prison. What many do not know about Sabine is that she has been speaking at the EU Parliament, on a regular basis for two years, about the thousands of horrid satanic cases that exist throughout all of Eastern and Western Europe.  She is also a brilliant mathematician, self-taught quantum physicist and author. Her current work is on merging mathematics, science, sacred geometry with spirituality. Her work would serve all of Humanity on such a profound level that is difficult for us to comprehend at this time. As a taster, you can have a look at   We must ask ourselves why “the authorities” would want to lock her away in prison for 20 years. Sabine is 71 years old. Her age is not visible to us because of the strength of her soul, so of course she can withstand anything that comes her way…. or…..

For this Clarion Call, I ask of you all to consider her “possible experience” in a British prison... and what the world would miss if she were kept from us. Surely she would survive, but at what cost and why? WHAT DO WE STAND FOR? If we don’t start standing in our CERTAIN STANCE that “WE DO NOT CONSENT!”, we will be the next ones in the prison walls. 
The result of our last vigil had a huge impact. The courts decided that Alisa and Gabriel would go back to the father. The children refused and they are not with the father, as far as we know thus far. The power of our intention is far more powerful than we previously imagined. This candle vigil now is not only for Alisa and Gabriel…  it is for Sabine, all of our children, and for our ultimate true sovereignty. 
Thank you Alisa and Gabriel for teaching us all of what is possible... and the power behind the fearless path.

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September 30, 2015