Saturday, September 12, 2015

Alfred Webre Meets an AI Entrained Clone

AI UPDATES: Meeting an apparent holographic sentient AI Artificial Intelligence clone on a Vancouver, BC beach

By Alfred Lambremont Webre

VANCOUVER, BC – My meeting an apparent AI Artificial Intelligence Entrained Clone took place August 9, 2015 during a beachfront Party at Point Grey, Vancouver Harbour, Vancouver, BC
At dusk as the sun set I sat about 20 feet from the water on a log on the beach enjoying the natural beauty, watching others who wandered by on the beach in front of me with their dogs.

Vancouver, BC: Point Grey
Vancouver, BC: Point Grey
Suddenly to the right of me a very different figure appeared, clearer and more defined than the passers by, looking like a Senior Production Assistant from the set of a motion picture. The movie the “Truman Show” came to mind as I was watching the figure approach me.

The figure was male, about 45 years old, nerdy, dressed sharply in black socks and runners, black shorts, and a black short-sleeved shirt.

He was about 30 feet away from me, and stopped, looking straight at me. He looked more like a clone than a human, with a “manufactured” aspect.

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