Thursday, September 17, 2015

An Open Letter to the One Who Calls Herself “Cassandra”

Received via email to share....

An Open Letter to the One Who Calls Herself “Cassandra” letter to us was an assured message of your ultimate power. I would respectfully like to add a few ideas and thoughts that seem to be missing from your (almost) comprehensive assessment of our situation, if only to possibly help my fellow travelers along the way.

It would be important to mention (and remind everyone who read or listened to your letter) that in fact, you too are a “child” of a greater being, as difficult as it may be for you to hear that, and as offensive as it may be to hear it from “something” you consider so far beneath your status. This is however the truth; it is the fact of your very existence and especially important to note since you feel so strongly about informing us that OUR very existence is solely “allowed” by you. It is difficult to believe that in your pervasive wisdom, you would be unable to admit that you too are one more creation of the vast and Grand Mystery of Existence. This must be obvious to those beings in dimensions even “higher” than yourself, but oddly enough, it is also perfectly obvious to many of us “piglets” way down here on dark earth. Interesting how Source Itself cares not for “levels” of its manifestation but gives freely to all, delusional gods and ”piglets” alike!

In consideration of the points you made in your letter, you would not seem so omniscient to us “animals” if you admitted your own personal dependence on a Greater Source. We know you could never do that. You want us to believe that there is nothing above you, but of course, there is. (All this defining “above” and “below” used only for convenience, as “directions” is erroneous). By convincing us that you are our only and true connection to Source, you have many advantages, but this kind of message is terribly incomplete. Let’s shine some light on it. Possibly you’ve already heard this from others well beyond this writer’s pay grade by now and laughed at them too... but let us offer the following for your amusement:

For the (Celestial) Record, please be aware that we “piglets” are not now, and never have been, 
disconnected from the One Magnificent Creator. Whether we are consciously aware of this or not (and of course, so much easier to be aware of it) our ultimate link to Source goes well beyond you, your religions, your symbols and your ceremonies. There is no use pretending or hoping this is not true; and there is nothing that you or any other self-declared “supreme being” can do to change that. I didn’t make up the rules, and no matter what you choose to believe, neither did you.

Appointing yourself as the unquestioned “almighty one” and getting between Source and Its Creations, you’ve done a magnificent job of keeping our built-in and powerful connection to the One Infinite Creator hidden for a long long time. It does seem surprising that you thought this could go on forever, though. You must have known the little useless eaters would find out someday...and truly that day is upon us all, whether any of us like it or not.

You mention that you do not love or hate us; that your words are said with indifference. Is your desire to have absolute control over us an “indifferent” one? If you feel indifferent about us, it would be perfectly fine if this desire of yours were not met. You do seem quite positive that you will get our cybernetic bodies delivered to your feet, and nothing we can say or do will change that. Will you be upset if this delivery doesn’t happen exactly as you are assured it will? And isn’t it true that your “supreme” level, needing ANYTHING is beneath you? Are there an actual number of us you NEED to fulfill this desire? What if that number turns out is not what you believe it should be? Will you then react like the “piglets” do...with anger, hate, retaliation...or will you be indifferent, as the Creator is TO YOU? So, which is it? Is it that we mean nothing to you, so it won’t matter a whit if we refuse to participate in your plan? Or is it that we are SO important that you cannot “allow” us to refuse? Both cannot be true. Yet, you said we would have no choice but to submit. It does appear to be that you need something from us so badly; you cannot afford to have your “piglets” turn you down. And this is hardly the sentiment of “indifference”.

In summary:
The Infinite Creator also allows YOU to exist. But what you have exposed here is that in order for YOU to CONTINUE to exist, YOU NEED US TO HELP YOU. If this is not true, then clearly, we should be “allowed” to do whatever we want, and if that means not consenting to your plan, it should be inconsequential to you.

No answers are required or necessary as we do not desire a dialogue. We assume you find this very amusing or just mildly annoying and easy to dismiss. ( you can so easily predict our responses, we can easily predict yours.) One thing is for sure and with all due respect: we do not need you, and we do not consent to your plans for OUR future. We DO need and want one thing: to continue to keep our connection to our most Magnificent and Mysterious Source open and alive. We have come to learn that is the most important thing any being, from anyplace, can ever do.

Even as our “parents”, you can choose to finally move on, to experience what is beyond what you believed yourselves to be, and leave us alone. You could find a new way to create and enjoy the ride that would be superior to this little “control” experiment you’ve been running throughout the galaxies for eons and eons already...

Despite the fact that we will not be a part of your future endeavors, good luck on your journey and may you continue to enjoy the love and light of our One Infinite Creator.

The Piglet Ph.D.
July 6, 2015