Friday, September 18, 2015

Anna von Reitz: An Open Reply to Thomas Deegan and Arnie Rosner

An Open Reply to Thomas Deegan and Arnie Rosner.

(Special thanks to Bryan Parker-- You said it best, quoted below.)

Thomas, unfortunately for you, people CAN think — and read — for themselves.

The genius of America is the concept of an entire society of men devoted to protecting and preserving the rights of all other men as individuals.

I would not be very American if I denied your right to speak and say and believe whatever you please, though you believe in hate and half-truths, the spreading of lies and dissent, violence, and lawlessness.

Your comments reveal that you are an anarchist, someone who abides the existence of no law, no social order, nothing. Your boring chant is that nothing exists. It’s all fraud.

Well, sorry, the rest of us have to live in a world where corporations exists and where our rights are being trampled. That’s what we have to deal with, using all the tools we can bring to bear, which includes some common sense.

I am not going to waste anymore time explaining the fact of my given name: Anna Maria Wilhelmina Hanna Sophia Riezinger-von Reitzenstein von Lettow-Vorbeck. It’s my whole name and every other name I have ever used is an obvious shortening of it. Go figure. If you had a name this long, you’d use shorter versions, too.

The quote below comes from Bryan Parker, another American patriot:

“This has been a long standing issue i’ve had. It does not matter if its Robert Menard, Keith Thompson, Mika Rasila, Dean Clifford John Harris, etc. These people have not made themselves”Gurus” of any movement. People in these movements have placed them in these positions, and look up to them for answers!

Like any movement though, something eventually occurs. Another supposed “leader” or “follower” finds a defect, or what they see as a flaw in their procedure, and chooses to exploit it. What reason is there for this? Is it to protect “followers”, or does it come down to something more basic, the ID- or Super- Ego.

Most of what i am seeing is often something worse. It is discovered that these people are merely “HUMAN”, FLESH & BLOOD creations that make mistakes! OMG, their not superhuman Gods?
Hmm… Maybe the real problem is much more simple. People would rather follow, than do some of the heavy lifting on their own!

The biggest part of WAKING UP is learning self responsibility, and its high time that we start fordging our own trails on this journey! Just my viewpoint, let the but…but…but… begin.”

I say, yea, Bryan Parker. That nicely sums it up.

I haven’t put myself at the head of any movement, haven’t forced anyone to do or believe anything. My background is that of a scientist, not a lawyer. I function on the old Latin motto, “Nullius in Verbum” —- Put no faith in words. Do your own due diligence. Observe what you observe.

I and my cohorts have observed what we’ve observed, demonstrated what we believe are the reasons for it on the public record, and anyone who has cause to disagree with our findings is more than welcome to come forward and bring new or better information to the table.

But that’s not what you are doing, Thomas Deegan. You are still in that baby-like state of blaming others and assuming that we are acting as “gurus” to be torn down and criticized. This is your Constructive Notice that we are not obliged to conform to your expectations.

If you have anything factual, actual, constructive, truthful, positive, or even useful to add to the discussion of the dilemma this country is in, I have yet to see it. All you do, day after day, is spread pointless suspicions about pointless subjects. Who cares what name I use or what color of underwear I have on today? I am not the topic of discussion.

What I have brought to the table —what is wrong with the government and how to fix it—-is the topic of discussion.

Instead of facilitating that necessary discussion, you and Arnie are carrying on like a couple gossipy old women fixated on what color I dye my hair. Everyone can see this for what it is—- a sophomoric witch hunt by people who are unable or unwilling to grapple with the actual business at hand— people who can’t face how screwed up our government is, and who have no idea how to fix it other than to go out and start a Civil War.

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