Saturday, September 5, 2015

China's Central Bank Chief Admits "The Bubble Has Burst"

In a stunningly honest admission from a member of the elite, Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of China’s central bank, exclaimed multiple times this week to his G-20 colleagues that a bubble in his country had "burst." While this will come as no surprise to any rational-minded onlooker, the fact that, as Bloomberg reports, Japanese officials also confirmed Zhou's admissions, noting that "many people [at the G-20] expressed concerns about the Chinese market," and added that "discussions [at the G-20 meeting] hadn't been constructive" suggests all is not well in the new normal uncooperative G-0 reality in which we live.

Surprise - The Bubble Has Burst!!

But, as Bloomberg reports, the admission that it was a bubble and it has now burst is a notablke narrative change for the world's central bankers...
Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of China’s central bank, couldn’t stop repeating to a G-20 gathering that a bubble in his country had “burst.”

It came up about three times in his explanation Friday of what is going on with China’s stock market, according to a Japanese finance ministry official. When asked by a reporter if Zhou was talking about a bubble, Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso was unequivocal: “What else bursts?”

A dissection of the slowdown of the world’s second-largest economy and talk about the equity rout which erased $5 trillion of value was a focal point at the meeting of global policy makers in Ankara. That wasn’t enough for Aso, who said that the discussions hadn’t been constructive.


It was China, rather than the timing of an interest-rate increase by the Federal Reserve, that dominated the discussion, according to the Japanese official, with many people commenting that China’s sluggish economic performance is a risk to the global economy and especially to emerging-market nations.

“It’s clear there are problems in the Chinese market, and at today’s G-20 meeting, many people other than myself also expressed that opinion,” Aso said after a meeting of finance chiefs and central bank governors.
Did the G-20 just admit that their all-powerful omnipotence is fading?
Meanwhile, though Jack Lew is happy to ream China as a currency manipulator, G-20 will not...
The PBOC shocked global markets by allowing the biggest yuan depreciation in two decades on Aug. 11, when it changed the exchange-rate mechanism to give markets a bigger role in setting the currency’s level. That historic move would not get a mention in the communique, according to the Japanese official, who asked not to be named, citing ministry policy.
And - implicit in this exclamation is the fact that if it was a bubble - that has now burst - then is the PBOC admitting it is stoking a 'bubble' as opposed to supporting growth (or whatever mandate they are supposed to be living by)?