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Cynthia Rouse's Personal Story About The Criminal Empire That Exists In The Shadows

The Criminal Empire: "They Are Embedded Everywhere" - Terminal System of Filth, Deception and Treachery - This System Is No Longer Sustainable - The White Collar Criminals From Hell - Spooks, Spooks, Everywhere - You've Been Psyoped - What We Have In Blacklist is a Real Definition of Terrorism


Cynthia M. Rouse
Cynthia M. Rouse

There is no way to forgive evil. One can only recognize it for what it is. There is no way to forgive evil. It can only be countered with clear and honest intent. Everthus.

This is a synopsis, an overview of my project Blacklist, which is the story of how entire families are destroyed by greed, criminality and conspiracy via intelligence cutouts, salted throughout corporate America. The families of these "agents", "moles", "cutouts", "counter cutouts", "NOC's", "criminals" "swindlers" and "frauds", are frequently destroyed in the interest of carrying out white shoe fraud. This is a factual retelling of a situation that is unbelievable, and yet, my feeling is that there are millions of us in the US and the EU, that have suffered the same destruction, the same psychological warfare, the same false allegations, the same irreparable harm via the actions of wealthy criminals.

This system is run by white shoe criminals, embedded in every major industry. The coin of their toxic realm is fraud. They use murder, extortion, blackmail, extreme intimidation, and psychological torture. Yes, psychological torture as a mechanism of control to first manipulate, then break their targets to achieve their criminal ends.

I've had people I know and trust say to me "You have to let this this go." "They aren't worth it" and a variety of other rationales as to why I should remain silent regarding this white collar criminal filth; but I believe the entire system is so toxic, so criminal, so evil; that only speaking, standing, and shining the brightest light that one can find, has any hope of leveling this toxic and dangerous playing field.

How do they get away with this? The murder. The theft. The personal destruction. The family annihilation. How is it possible? I heard that question or comment so many times during the period that I was forced to live under this toxic rubric of deception and criminal fraud. How is this possible? It is possible, because they are all, to a person, so profoundly compromised, under such threat for their own existence, they will do anything to continue to protect the criminal system.

They are embedded in every major industry. Politics. Law. Academia. Corporate entertainment. The financial systems. The courts. The banks. The medical establishment. It is a Zionist criminal empire that covers the entire planet with lies, crime, extortion and the most unspeakable violence, violence against children and tactics of humiliation and every ruination you can possibly imagine.

How can she possibly know this? I was married to one of their cutouts. This is "Blacklist" and the story of me, my two children, and everything I worked my entire life for. I barely survived the lies, the fraud and the ruination of these white collar criminals from hell.

My name is Cynthia Rouse. I started life as Cynthia Mitchell. Rockville, Maryland. Peary High. UMD. This is when America still had a middle class and my upbringing was privileged in the sense that we were solidly middle class and therefore had education, resources and opportunity. I've always worked hard and held my first paid job at 16. I had a modeling and acting career, finding success in the WDC market with a few national credits, leading parts on stage, a few parts in films and TV and an income sufficient to pay my own tuition, housing and transportation. I had a great life traveling and modeling all over the east coast and it was great fun. I know how blessed I was and I have never taken opportunity, especially economic opportunity, for granted. From 17 to 29 years-old, I worked on my education and career. This is something I loved and I do feel it was an important part of my life and development. I had a full, well rounded and happy life. I was very fortunate to be able to do the work I did and travel, meet great people; and all in all, life couldn't have been better. It really was like living the American dream back then. America was flush with opportunity and the entire society was much happier and more productive.

The life I had built, from 16 to 29 years-old; everything I worked for, planned for, studied for, traveled for; all of it began to unravel and dissolve at an ever increasing pace from the second I met Daniel M. Rouse. Or Daniel M Rouse II. Or Dan Rouse with the four social security numbers. The ID badges, we found after his death, from every government facility, the DoD, military bases all over, trips to Colorado, the DOJ, Dan Rouse, the managing law partner of Howrey and Simon who was not a lawyer. Daniel M Rouse senior vice president for a multi-national consulting firm, Hagler/Bailly. The passport that was stamped in Africa; Pakistan; Afghanistan; Russia; Korea; South Africa; Germany; UK, so many places that one would simply wonder: what is a 40k a year accountant doing in Istanbul? Or Pakistan? Or Kenya? This is a jigsaw puzzle I put together after personal, career and financial ruin, after Dan's death, after losing the only thing that truly matters in life, my children. This is what this filthy, god forsaken and criminal system cost me and my children. This story is the pathway to the reasons why.

When I met Dan, I was working at the Bethesda Marriott. We quickly became a couple and married about nine months later. Then, when I met Dan, he worked for a very small government contracting firm, Viatech in NOVA. He was an accountant, CFO. It was a good, but basic white collar job. Now, somehow, he leaped to the top of WDC when he landed the white shoe cut out position at Hagler Bailly, a EU/US multi-national consulting firm. I believe this is where he was compromised. Blackmailed. Psyoped.

He went from there to a senior position at a WDC and a global white shoe law firm, Howrey and Simon. Now when I tell you the CIA sent him in there, it could have been the DoD, or the DIA, I am not 100% certain, if it was the offiCIAl mass murderers, or one of their myriad puppet shows of frauds, wife beaters, deviants, freaks or child killers. Not exactly 100% sure, so I use the umbrella term "spooks."

Because this man was so deeply compromised, our whole family was compromised and in danger. Here are some highlights/lowlights of what I went through from 1988 and on:

1988: Married Dan Rouse

Late 1988: First born arrives late 

1990: Second born arrives

1993: Second born diagnosed with autism ( I know this was purposely put into Fairfax County Virginia, which was a massive autism cluster, matter of public record, via cursory searches.)

1995: Problems in marriage because of his constant travel and the stress, for me, of parenting a biowarfare victim.

1996: Separation

1997: First attempt to kill me in a car crash when my car was T-boned by a utility truck at Greenbriar Shopping Center in Fairfax, Virginia. All I remember is seeing a large metal rectangular bumper of a high sitting truck or utility truck. I had dropped my kids off at school and was going for my coffee and dry cleaning. Boom. Head injury and PTSD.

1998: Divorce and false abuse allegations to cheat me out of 2 to 3 million dollars so he could marry a convicted felon from the Iran-Contra scandal. Now this woman somehow, was a part of this whole set up as her first husband was a spook, a John Straiton, tied into East German spies and El Salvador spooks. I know how implausible some of this sounds. It is completely true. Easily verified through public records.

1998: Yeah the false abuse allegations were engineered via a psychologist cut out that he paid 20k to, to say I abused my son. The child with autism. This is how evil these people were. They reeked of evil. My daughter, who was probably a very young teen at the time, said: "Mom, they aren't like real people. They are not people like us."

1998: Fixed Court Case in Fairfax County Virginia (notice a PATTERN, anyone?)

The absolute hell of what my life became begins in earnest. No lawyer will represent me. I get fired from every job and cannot make a living. I am forced to move constantly. I was forced into court repeatedly to fight for my kids who I believed were in mortal danger.

1998: There was an attempt to get someone inside my rental house via a landlord and I will never forget this guys face. Ever. Slight foreign accent. Very slight. Athletic. Good looking. He was there, as a friend of the landlord. He was armed. When he heard one of my kids there, he turned and left without a word, and was never seen again. He was there to do me in, I am sure.

1999: Run off the road, coming home from a late evening after my cosmetics management job. This car chased me down the road after a couple of miles at high speed before I somehow escaped. Somehow I got to a well lit gas station and the car vanished, but it was so bad that two other motorists stopped to help me, or tried to help me and one of them followed me home.

2000: Lawyer/Non lawyer Daniel M. Rouse I or II, with four social security numbers, is in a near fatal car accident following a fancy reception at the white shoe criminal clearinghouse, aka Howrey & Simon, with white shoe contract killers. His doctors gave him a 5% chance of survival. Somehow he lived but he was profoundly disabled for the rest of his life. He still worked for the spooks to the bitter end.

2009: Dan finally died of liver cancer which I believe was triggered by all the massive Rx he had to take to continue living. The spooks they sent in to the hospice at home, I do believe, tried to harm my son, as he mysteriously ended up in the hospital during the same time period. He had been fine the previous few weeks. The doctors told me if we had waited another 36 hours to bring him in he too would have died.

We are not dealing with human beings here running this system. We are looking at hardcore psychopaths. People who murder children. Fleece their family members. Torture human beings. Mass murder nations of innocent people. This is a septic and twisted system of filth, where the unwitting are duped, via pervasive and all encompassing fraud, and this is our system. People think this cannot happen or that it isn't true. I cannot begin to count the times someone called me delusional or hysterical...and I understand the denial around these issues. Who wants to acknowledge that we are ruled by child-killing mass murdering genocidal freaks? It is too painful so we would rather be hypnotized by the MKU grid control in our pockets.

It happened. The only "miracle" in any of it is that I am still alive. My daughter is alive and is now a mother herself. My son is a graduate student and musician. I rebuilt my life during the 2000s with a corporate management sales career and phoenixliterary, my custom content writing and video business.

This is an overview, a synopsis, of BLACKLIST. This work is available as a book, and also I really think there is a documentary film to be made about the families, the women and children who survive these domestic terrorists, murderers and criminals

Cynthia M. Rouse
BLACKLIST © phoenixliterary/OriginalCyn

Cynthia promotes her new piece, Blacklist 

"The truth we all hail is nothing but lies."

Dear readers: This is a draft of Blacklist and has not been edited for punctuation and grammar. The purpose here is to move this story from the depths of Cynthia's convictions and traumatic personal experiences out into the public realm so that whatever lies you live will be revealed.