Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"Orders to Surrender" - Anonymous Email to the Cabal Elite

"Orders to Surrender" - Anonymous Email to the Cabal Elite

From: "[...]" <[...]@[...]>
Date: Sun, Sep 6, 2015 at 9:21
Subject: Cease and Desist

Directly ordered from the Resistance Forces to be seen by the members of the Cabal Elite whom are truly the Khazarian Mafia and all of their affiliates including the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate (you know who you all are).

On behalf of the Pentagon, New Republic, Chinese Dragon Families, gnostic Illuminati groups and most of all humanity.

You are to cease and desist your crimes against humanity immediately. You are finished, you are surrounded. You have no where to hide and no where to run. Your allies have abandoned you, they too will not leave this planet.

If you choose to surrender then you are hereby ordered to:

Cease and desist attacks against China in efforts to start War World 3.

Cease and desist weather modification programs.

Cease and desist distribution of Chemtrails.

Cease and desist eugenic programs.

Cease and desist apprehension attempts of the Global Financial/Currency Reset and distribution of wealth to end poverty.

Cease and desist suppression of extraterrestrial contact, secret space programs and new technologies.

Release yourselves from your positions of power in the United States of America, Europe and other countries.

If you do not follow these orders effective immediately before the end of 2015. Prepare to face trial and execution. Surrender now or forever hold your peace.

Representative of the Resistance,