Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bill Ryan Update - "A new Mars witness, never published (and a real one this time)" - October 13, 2015

Bill Ryan's AvatarHi, Everyone:

When looking through some archives this morning searching for something else, I stumbled on some fascinating details of a Mars witness that no-one has ever heard of. Believe it or not, I'd quite forgotten about it.

He'd been referred to us by friend and researcher Bill Hamilton in September 2007, who had extensive correspondence with him (and even an audio interview, which I do not have). There's a lot of detail. Kerry and I had tried to contact him, but failed. Things were so hectic in Camelot days that this was one thing we never took further. I will try to contact him again.

The information has never been published. I'll redact his personal details (I have his full name, address, e-mail, phone number, wife's and brother's names, and even his ham radio call sign). Everything else will be verbatim. I'll call him RDW.

Here's what I heard from Bill Hamilton, on 26 September, 2007:



As you know I interviewed many interesting whistle blowers over the last 25 years or so.

One of them was _________ [name given: 'RDW' from now on in this post] who I've lost contact with. He worked as a pilot and engineer in reverse-engineered craft. One of these he flew to the moon and another he flew to Mars in 96 hours to a manned base underground.

I have a taped
recording of his description. At the time I knew it was an extraordinary and unprovable claim and I told few about this.

RDW is a brilliant, prolific very intense and hard working physicist with unusual focus and insight. He received his doctorate in 1976 in theoretical physics following his receiving his BS in aerospace engineering in 1973 and was requested to join the Air Force where he continued his studies along with his special and highly classified assignments.

He worked for the US Air Force Systems Command, Aeronautical Engineering Division (Wright-Patterson AFB, OH) for 7 years and then after resigning, co-started several very successful high-technology businesses, focusing on new product design and automation in the computer industry.

After an
extremely successful career, he retired in 1989 to raise his 2 adopted children with his wife [name given but redacted in this post] where they live a quiet and secluded life near their children's school.

Now, here is the rub. He knew retired General William Miller, who I talked to over the phone... and General Miller knew RDW.

Gen. Miller worked out at Area S9 (Nellis AFB) on the black projects in the late 70s. He knows RDW, who worked out there during the same period. He said there were 5 levels underground at Groom Lake - that is where most of the "stuff" is kept.

He said he heard about 90% has been moved to Australia since the UFO buffs started going out there. Also knew
Bill Uhouse who worked on the flying saucer simulators.

He said that all projects were so compartmentalized that all of them only had pieces of the puzzle. Believes he and others are dying of radiation-induced tumors (perhaps ELF). Said the military-industrial-intelligence complex is more powerful than our representative government.

A government outside of the
government was spun out during the Nixon-era, but he believes he started with Ike. Also J. Edgar Hoover was a king-pin. All clearances given by FBI.

He joked about a clearance known as TOD (Threat of Death). Knows they have been able to shift the frequency of time. There is a covert space program.

I mentioned that a Colonel Miller (no relation) said we had a base on the moon. He has heard this, but has no first-hand knowledge. (from my UFOGATE notes)

Bill Hamilton
AstroScience Research Network

Bill Hamilton later wrote, on 29 December, 2007:


As I have said before I have had an informant who had been to the Mars Colony and, recently, a correspondent named Ron managed to link up with him in the hopes of getting more info, but the informant is again hard to reach. RDW worked on reverse engineering of advanced propulsion systems. He is an Aerospace Engineer and physicist. He won't answer his email.

Maybe you could give it a go and try to persuade him to do a video interview for posterity. Here is the latest contact info I have for him:
[Full name, address, phone number, e-mail, brother's name and phone number given — and from that I (Bill Ryan) was able to look up in public records, verify the details, and even find his ham radio call sign.]
Bill Hamilton
AstroScience Research Network

I wrote the following letter, after an e-mail was not returned, and his phone was not answered. But we never heard from him.

Dear __________ ,

We have been given your contact details by our good friend Bill Hamilton, who has told us a little about your testimony to him that you know a good deal from personal experience about the present-time Earth-Mars connection. (And that may be a euphemism indeed!)

If you have not heard of us and our work, please take a moment to visit www.projectcamelot.org. We publish in-depth interviews with credible whistleblowers (one or two of them anonymous or otherwise fully disguised if requested) and make them freely available on the internet. We are widely respected and pretty well-connected in the UFO community. Our interviewees have included Bill Hamilton, Bill Holden, Jim Sparks, Dan Sherman, Dan Burisch, Bob Dean, Clifford Stone, David Wilcock, Richard Hoagland and quite a few others, a couple of whom have requested full anonymity.

One source, ‘Henry Deacon’ (a pseudonym) – a very talented physicist and electronics specialist who has worked in black projects for many years in a variety of locations – has himself spent time on Mars and presents a detailed, credible story. See www.projectcamelot.org/livermore_physicist_4.html for details.

In essence, Henry traveled to the Mars colony on several occasions (the largest one, which he states has a population of 670,000, thought the numbers have apparently waxed and waned over time) – using what he described as ‘jumproom’ technology.

He explained that a ‘jumproom’ is a device like an elevator. One enters a small room, the metal doors close, the doors open again, and “you walk out into a different place”. As he said, you can even go to Mars for lunch.

He knew of the alternative space program but he always ‘jumped’ there rather than traveling in a physical craft. Interestingly, he was adamant that the alternative space program must not be stopped as he firmly believed that its intentions were beneficial, whatever the methods used to maintain secrecy. He was adamant that there was just too much at stake and the continuation of the program must not be jeopardized.

We understand and genuinely sympathize with this, but also believe that the human race has a right to know its situation, the threats that face it, the problems and solutions, our friends and foes, our history and possible destiny. Because our commitment is to the truth, and to be responsible about communicating that, this is why we have taken the liberty of contacting you directly.

If you would like to meet or otherwise communicate in any way, we would be happy to do this under any conditions of confidentiality you might stipulate. We never publish personal details (or personal testimony) without a full clearance from the witness concerned.

If you have any information that you might consider might beneficially be made public, there are a variety of ways this might be done – ranging from an anonymous, sanitized e-mail Q and A interview on the one hand to an on-camera interview on the other (with or without audio or video disguise). Other possibilities are to do a genuine interview and then transcribe it and destroy (or let you have) the original tapes. We could essentially do this in whatever way you wished.

We’re based in LA, but are happy to travel to ______ …or could meet anywhere else you specify.

With our warmest regards to you,

Bill and Kerry
Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy