Saturday, October 24, 2015

Damning New Evidence Of Bush/Cheney War Crimes Has Surfaced And It Is Sickening (IMAGES)

Well that escalated quickly. While Republicans have been obsessing over the “truth” about Hillary, Benghazi, emails and God knows what else, this whole time they have had a terrible skeleton lurking in their own closet. Now the “truth” has been dropped squarely in Republican laps, not because of anything to do with Hillary this time, but regarding some very bad behavior they cooked up themselves years ago.

Recently leaked documents uncovered a Bush/Cheney era plot that was cooked up with then British Prime Minister Tony Blair, to sell the Iraq war using lies, debunked intelligence, and propaganda.

Bush and Cheney had reached a secret deal with Tony Blair almost a full year before the Iraq invasion was begun. This all happened during a meeting with Blair at Bush’s Crawford ranch and was detailed in a note by General Colin Powell, according to Newsmax.
He [Blair] will present to you the strategic, tactical and public affairs lines that he believes will strengthen global support for our common cause,” Powell wrote, adding that the prime minister has the skills to “make a credible public case on current Iraqi threats to international peace.
This revelation is damning to both the Bush/Cheney legacy, as well as that of Tony Blair, due to all the public declarations at the time that there was every effort made to find a diplomatic solution to the so-called Iraq crisis that actually didn’t exist. They knew that there was not enough hard evidence to support an invasion of Iraq, so they fabricated it completely in order to, as history shows, NOT get any of the oil under the sands of Iraq.

Bush lied, Cheney lied, even our allies like the UK lied. From the Iraq non-connection to 9/11, to the non-existent weapons of mass destruction, this was the one of the worst acts ever perpetrated upon the world by an American president and his administration.

Republicans have been bitching about four dead Americans for years, when it comes to Benghazi. How about the thousands who are dead in this illegal war? There has been a permanent circular investigation of Benghazi that is continuing even now after they admitted it is a sham just to attack Hillary, but zero sh!ts given about both the ineptitude of 9/11 on the Bush/Cheney watch, and the fact they lied to our nation for eight long years.

Bush and Cheney are already classified as war criminals in some areas of the world. Here is hoping that Tony Blair is injected into their ranks as well.

See the memos regarding the damning truth below, courtesy of the Daily Mail:

Bush/Cheney - Tony Blair Secret Memo 1
Secret Bush/Cheney - Tony Blair Memo 2
Colin Powell Memo Timeline