Saturday, October 10, 2015

'The Late Show' Host Stephen Colbert Flips Off The Illuminati, Ben Bernanke, & Federal Reserve
October 10, 2015

As you may know, Stephen Colbert, has replaced David Letterman as the new host of 'The Late Show' on CBS.  On season 1, episode 22 that aired on October 7, 2015, Stephen Colbert invited former Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke to the show.

In this clip with Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, you will see Stephen Colbert, jokingly put Ben Bernanke under the spotlight and flat out ask him if he is part of the Illuminati while at the same time itching the side of his eye with his middle finger, as if to say "F*#K You" to the self claimed rulers of the world.  In response to the insulting joke/gesture, Ben Bernanke doesn't smile or laugh but seemingly unwilling, shakes his head in agreement.  Those who like to read body language should get a kick out of analyzing this interaction.

'The Late Show' with Stephen Colbert is roughly viewed by over 3 million people per episode. Three million "main stream" people have now been exposed to the Federal Reserve & Illuminati connection.   How these energetics play out in the collective human consciousness can only be assumed but it does confirm that more people are becoming aware of the nefarious hidden hand that thinks it shapes global politics.

Here is the dialogue exchange between Illuminati member Ben Bernanke and comedian Stephen Colbert.

Stephen Colbert: Welcome back everybody!  My next guest is the former chairman of the Federal Reserve. Start your conspiracy theories, now! Please welcome Ben Bernake

Stephen Colbert: In the Federal Reserve, um uh , (Middle Finger Scratches Eye) How many of you are members of the Illuminati?

Ben Bernanke: Um, only a couple of us

Stephen Colbert: Only a couple of you?

Ben Bernanke: Ya

Stephen Colbert is known to go into character and talk about taboo subjects from time to time. Some of the alternative topics covered during his popular 'Colbert Report' on Comedy Central were Chemtrails, New World Order, Time Travel with Andrew Basiago, Monsanto Hypocrisies, and Government Corruption.

Truth telling under the guise of jokes has always been a great way to confront conspiracy topics and introduce them to main stream public.  Another example of this is when President Obama was asked by Jimmy Kimmel about alien and extraterrestrial disclosure.  Obama responded, "The aliens won't let it happen. You'd reveal all their secrets, and they exercise strict control over us," "I can't reveal anything."

So what do you think?  Is Stephen Colbert truly sticking it to the Illuminati and Ben Bernanke under cover as a joke or is Stephen just another clueless media puppet who does this type of routine for shits and giggles?

Thanks SC!

Credit for pointing this out is dpwishy of the Project Avalon forum.