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Timeline Shifting, Anomalies, And October Wave X Update

Timeline Shifting, Anomalies, And October Wave X Update

by Michelle Walling, CHLC
Staff writer, In5D.com

Lights. Camera. Action! Many prepared for Wave X and the actors in the play were set into motion. The ground crew was ready to anchor the light as it bathed the planet, and the protagonists followed their roles to a “t”. What is the next scene in the play, and when will the final curtain fall?

Wave X Update

There were many different reports of reactions and feelings about the big wave of energies that bathed the planet in September of 2015. For the first waves of ascenders, things have become clearer, and things that were not in alignment with the higher energies were brought forward by the light. There may have been relationship conflicts, physical symptoms, and enhanced psychic abilities observed. Some people bathed in the light without any negative reaction at all.

For those who are not awakened, these energies triggered something deep within them to make a choice. They will either begin to question or will continue to stay deep asleep until the end of their lifetime in the physical. The light that came from Wave X as well as other cosmic sources triggered the beginning of a separation of frequencies.

The wave of light and higher consciousness began on September 3-4, 2015 and the apex was on September 23-28, 2015. We are still receiving the energies and will continue to receive them through the middle of October. In my interview with psychic Diane Canfield, we talked about how she feels during a wave, and that waves have been coming our whole lifetime. Each wave has had a purpose. This large Wave X was a conglomeration of the various waves, as if the prior waves were pages in a book and Wave X was a whole book coming at us at once.

Timeline Shifting

My friend Kelli Coffee received great psychic vision clarity during Wave X. She heard about my interview with Eric and Lynn about implant removals and asked them to be on her show. In order to fully appreciate the work that they do, they suggested an implant removal on Kelli before her interview with them. She shares information about this in her Q&A video, but will expand more when she has them on her show this month.

One of Kelli’s videos explains the weird noises that have been heard around the planet. Her clarity allowed her to follow the threads to the origin of the sounds, which she says are the failed attempts to move towards jumping to the positive timeline. Here is that video:

To further expand on timeline shifting, we have individual timelines as well as collective consciousness timelines and planetary timelines. We are shifting timelines every moment, and at the same time this is occurring, several layers of dimensions are colliding and separating, causing an ebb and flow.

I feel like these sounds are also because of the crashing of dimensions like Simon Atkins has mentioned in one of our interviews. I feel like we have access to third, fourth, and fifth dimensions now. In an ebb and flow, separation manifests because of the catalyst of the merging energy. I feel like the Wave X energies as well as other energies like the cloud energies discussed by Corey Goode have given us a really good push towards the timeline that Kelli mentioned in her video.

Some people already are connected to fifth dimensional consciousness, and are tapping into higher wisdom and tools. Others remain closed to the energies and are in denial and fear. We are still in the midst of separation, and we saw the separation increase with these energies. Those who have chosen service to others and love, compassion, forgiveness, and peace over fear and control are changing tracks very quickly.

Do not be fooled by people who say we are already on the positive timeline. While it is true that a person may be on an individual positive timeline and the planet may be on her positive timeline, the goal is for the collective to merge into the possibility of a new Utopia en masse. Until we see evidence of that in the global reality, we know that we are not on that timeline yet.

The New Earth already exists, and some people may be experiencing it while anchored into the third dimension. These people are the wayshowers- the engines of the train, pulling the rest of the collective human consciousness toward to split in the tracks. When we get to the next major train depot, there will be great upheavals in society and a change of power will take place. We did not come here to bring a few people along for the ride. We came here to change all of humanity.

Anomalies and increase in psychic abilities

Many people have reported anomalies and an increase in awareness and psychic abilities. I discuss some of the personal experiences that Gregg Prescott and I have had in this video:

If you did not experience anything different during the September wave, try not to have Wave X envy. As mentioned in the video, there could be a few reasons why you do not feel any different. I have yet to receive a message from anyone stating that they felt nothing, but the intention of Wave X energies is not meant to make you feel less advanced, and in fact may mean that you have completed your work!

October and Beyond

We have been preparing our whole lives for these energies to bathe the planet at this time, whether we have been conscious of it or not. If you had a really hard time with ascension symptoms like I did at the end of 2012, know that it is a blessing because you will be able to look back and see the clearing and preparation that occurred.

The desired positive timeline will be one of manifesting fully as your higher self, and your experience will look much different than it is now. Oppression will be over, and rebuilding through manifestation will be occurring. Free energy will be available and the monetary system will not be needed. Hobbies will become your “work”. Education will need to be revamped, however many will be able to read the true records of history and their own life record, so this will be easy and exciting.

What we are doing on Earth is preparing us to move toward galactic and cosmic relations. This September Wave X shift has moved us one step closer up the ladder.

In my reality, huge waves of consciousness triggered many people during the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 (the year I graduated from high school), during the 2008-2010 period (I “woke up” in 2010), at the end of 2012, and September of 2015. There may have been big waves in between that either did not affect me or I did not know they had come. I give these examples as a way to show that we will look back on the September waves as the catalyst for great change on this planet, just like the great waves of the past. It also shows that everyone experiences them differently.

A few of the predictions that Dr. Simon Atkins gave for September have yet to come to fruition. These are:
  • A 9.0 magnitude earthquake occurring very close to Iran before the end of September that will cause what he calls a ‘planetary threat spin’.
  • A 6.9 magnitude earthquake occurring in Northern California before the end of September as a consequence of the continuing drought in Southern California which is recalibrating the tectonic plates as the water tables continue to deplete. He forecasts this with 80% confidence.
  • Accelerations leading to a 2-4 day period in the 3rd or 4th week of September whereby shops may be closed and governments becoming increasingly dysfunctional.

ALL possibilities exist, and in my opinion, it is a great blessing that these predictions did not come to fruition. Perhaps by mentioning the possibility, we were able to shift the timeline away from these scenarios.

Don’t stop manifesting the most positive of timelines for yourself, the planet, and the collective human consciousness. As a co-creator, your thoughts will bring you towards the outcome that you would like. In lower densities, thought takes a while to manifest. As we continue to each shift towards higher density timelines, things start to accelerate and more people move toward the higher vibrational timelines. It is called the hundredth monkey effect, and it happens because we are all connected through the collective human consciousness. We also have the Law of Vibration on our side, attracting like minded people toward freedom and creative self expression.

When this will happen remains to be unseen, however many people still feel like it will be “soon”. Every day is a step closer and the more people focus on what we want rather than what we do not want, the sooner the critical mass will allow the birthing of a new reality.

Keep up the good work. Keep sharing and communicating. Don’t be the caboose!

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