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Coast To Coast AM – JFK & Secret Societies - November 5, 2015

Coast To Coast AM – November 5, 2015 JFK & Secret Societies
Kris Millegan is a writer, researcher, and publisher of Trine Day Books. His father was in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), Military Intelligence (G2), and later in the CIA, rising to Branch Chief, Head of Intelligence Analysis for East Asia. He told Kris some things that he didn’t understand in the late 1960’s. Kris discussed these revelations, which led to over thirty years of research into the subjects of CIA-drugs, psychological warfare, conspiracy theory, mass mind control, secret societies, and the JFK assassination. The killing of John Kennedy can be viewed as a kind of psychological warfare by secret societies to accomplish its goals, he commented.

Secret societies often use mystical methods or aspects as a means to control and power. For instance, some might employ “death magic” – they believe that by killing, they gain power, he cited. Secret societies run the world in a “Leviathan” structure with the top level consisting of mining, metal, and money, the middle level with drugs, guns, and oil, followed by media, music/movies, and magic. They use mass trauma like the Kennedy assassination to scare and shock the populace, and TV as a trance-inducing form of mind control, he continued.

Millegan, who is producing a JFK assassination conference in Dallas this month, believes America suffered a coup d’état in 1963. To him, there is no question that Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy. No one has ever been able to explain the sequence of shots that were said to come from just Oswald’s rifle, and he didn’t have any paraffin on his cheek (a sign of gun powder residue), he detailed. Over the years, there’s been a deliberate suppression of evidence and testimony, including the research of former FBI agent Don Adams, who concluded there were 11 shots, with multiple shooters, Millegan added.