Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Corey Goode/GoodETxSG Facebook Update - November 2015

https://pathwaytoascension.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/corey-goode.jpegFYI, I will be posting another mini update shortly to give some info on developing information. I gave David Wilcock a briefing a week ago and another short one again today while working through the stuff I have going on.

On top of all the other mess we had a very unexpected death of my wives step brother. It has literally been a major cascade of negative greetings and normal life that has all popped up at once.

In addition there is quite a lot going on with the Earth Alliance, factions withing the SSP Alliance and the competing agendas of other groups who are negotiating and planning our futures out for us with out our input. More on that later from my mini-update that will be released before the Part 2 article that will actually be quite long and just be the conclusion with no waiting around for part 3 etc…

Things have been rough but we are alive. I don’t know how to thank those who have donated energy and money to help us deal with this move and multiple security issues. We were very moved and shocked to see 2/3rds of the total costs covered by all of you who were feeling generous and STO.
I will go into more of the security issues once we are moved and settled and I have finished all of my updates and have finally started to work with artists. I have two that I am pretty much setup to work with. I had a couple of hundred other artists and non-artists email me with “Paid Gaiam Project” in the subject line. This has caused some confusion because many of them have nothing to do with the art project. I have a couple other people that sent me emails, I looked at their work and will be contacting them and sending their info to Gaiam soon so they can sign contracts and get setup for payment arrangements.

David Wilcock is still working on his new article. He was about done with it when the Terrorist attacks occurred and subsequent flow of intel began to come from all of our sources. I believe he is working in the new information into his article now. There is so much going on in the background with all of these groups we have discussed and in some cases disclosed that to say this is a fluid or dynamic environment would be putting it mildly.
More to come, thank you for all of the emails and support. CG

David Wilcock comment
The news is very, very Goode [sic]. That is the important part. The Cabal move to attack Paris has caused me to write a much more in-depth investigation.

Corey Goode comment
Things may not be playing out exactly how many wanted but there is some significant movement. Most of it is indeed very Good. Some of it is a bit troubling from the perspective of the SSP Alliance and some “Ground Crew” or Earth Alliance groups.

The negotiations may lead to a type of initial disclosure as just one thing that is being negotiated in the background. Though I agree with DW that once they open that box just a crack the entire box will blow wide open. Too many people now know the extent of what would be a full disclosure event that the alternatives that have been apart [a part] of the negotiations between the various Alliance groups and the syndicate groups that are either looking to make a deal or are looking to fight to the last minute and are using WWIII scenarios to hold various regions and certain layers/levels of groups hostage to the process.

This has some very excited about an imminent disclosure while others (Mostly in the SSP Alliance/Some Earth Alliance Groups) see this as a “potential” for some sort of disclosure in the not distant future if the Dominos all fall in the correct direction. TY for the input DW… Look forward to your in depth article. CG