Monday, November 23, 2015

Corey GoodETxSG - Mini Update Coming Soon (Sitsshow Blog)

Mini Update Coming, Part 2 Still Being Worked On, Negotiations for Disclosure Ongoing | Corey GoodETxSG

This is a short set of Facebook updates from Corey recently. Apparently he's still adjusting from his recent move to a more secure location. In addition, he had a death in the family on top of ongoing SSP Alliance activities no doubt. 

I received several inquiries as to why Goode has not posted his part 2 update. Some have even suggested that he got a full-time job, and as such has abandoned his effort to update the people on disclosure. I cannot confirm any of these speculations, but based on what he shares below, it appears he's just had life complications like any other person

Corey did mention that he intends on releasing a mini update shortly. Apparently the Paris attacks several weeks ago caused a flurry of activity behind the scenes that may play some part in his upcoming report.

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If you do not already have a Gaia TV subscription, and want to support Corey, use this link here: You can also watch three episodes for free, which provides a brief introduction to Corey's work. For translations of Corey's updates go here.

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Facebook Update (November 16th 2:30pm):
Sphere Being Alliance

Beyond Belief – Shadows of the Cabal (transcript)

George: I hope you had the chance to see my first program with Corey Goode, a whistleblower spent 20 years n Secret Space Program. If you haven’t seen it, right after this one go back and look for it in our "Beyond Belief" files. You won’t believe it!

Corey, welcome back! Good to have you again.

Corey : Thank you.

George:You know, you startled me in our first program, because it is scary to think that there’s truly a government program out there that would capture our kids at age of six, and start training and manipulating them. Who came up with this idea? Did you ever find out?

Corey : I have no idea, the genesis of how that got started

George: Brilliant, I guess.

Corey : Yeah, it is, yes.

Noory: How many people do you think, are involved in the program now?

Corey : I would have to completely speculate.

George: A thousand?

Corey : Many thousands. And I don’t know how pervasive it is at this point. I just know that this is how they get the majority of people in their deep Black Ops Programs down here, and their operatives inside these secret Earth Government syndicates, and in the Secret Space Program.

George: Is this a Worldwide situation?

Corey : Yes.

George: The Secret Governments all over the place?

Corey : Yes.

George: So, you’ve got on one faction, this Cabal, the one-world government people, the Illuminatis type, that have been running a Secret Space Program for a number of years. And then you’ve got a group of people like you that have basically said: Enough is enough. I’m getting the word out. What finally drove you to that decision?

Corey : In 2011, after I had seen many whistleblower recording videos, and from seeing them and listening to them, I knew what they did in the programs. And I knew what they knew. And each time, I saw them walk right up to the very edge of the big stuff, and then lift the leg up, turn around about face, and walk the opposite direction.

George: Were they afraid? Scared?

Corey : Under orders. Afraid. They maybe were brave till they got to a certain point, and then received a threat to someone they love. Any number of things could have happened. I was getting frustrated because there was a lot of information that I knew these people could be getting. I started on an internet forum. I opened up the username GoodETxSG, which everyone knows is the pseudonym I went by at first. And I slowly start filling out the situation, would release tiny little bits of information here and there, and they finally started releasing more, and more, and more, to where it started getting the attention of a lot of people.

George: Well planned out.

Corey : Yeah. And then finally, I was approached by a member of the Secret Space Program Alliance, who goes by the pseudonym of Gonzales, Lieutenant Colonel Gonzales. Not his real name. And he said I was requested by name to start releasing certain information to the public as a representative. And that I would be afforded a certain amount of protection as long as, I guess, laws of karma kind of thing. I don’t cheat on my wife. I don’t beat my kids. I don’t tell lies. I don’t do this kind of stuff to invite things.

George: Negative energy and stuff like that.

Corey : Negative energy onto myself. And that’s been difficult because the haters come at you, and you want to fight back. And anytime I’ve done that, I’ve opened myself up.

[I had the chance to watch the two episodes Corey did with Geore Noory on, what is now, Gaia TV. They are a good overview of his history and work for those unfamiliar with the shear volume of information he's been putting out over the past year and a half.]