Sunday, November 22, 2015

Global Currency Reset Detailed Rumor/Intel Updates - November 22, 2015

This I received in an email I hope this is OK to post; so many of mine get pulled Sent: Sat, Nov 21, 2015 11:50 am A member of Gladiators just posted this and said... "I just received the following RV Update Sent from my iPhone As always, use discernment" : RV Update Intel, Rumors & Links Redemption Review November 20, 2015

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." - Arthor Schopenhauer ---

Intel Every IMF, WB, UN, USG, PROC mandate has all been satisfied. Each NATO/BRICS/ASEAN sovereign nation is in full agreement per international treaty. The Philippines was last nation to sign off and did so this week. United States of America RV'd Saturday. Meaning, new RV redemption rates are now on front and bank screens without pending or hold designations.

 All levels of clientele are now free to be processed--and at any amount. Germany also RV'd this past weekend. Total of 9 currencies in RV first basket, including AFA (Afghanistan), CNY (China), IQD (Iraq), IDR (Indonesia), IRR (Iran), GRD (Greece), VND (Vietnam), USD (United States), ZIM (Zimbabwe). Another good place to check for RV rates is at the United Nations Operational Rates link:

Public roll-out scheduled to commence sometime this week (exact day and time still unknown). 800#'s will be released via the internet to the general public or "Internet Group." Release timing could be any day, any hour, any moment through the weekend.

Check the following 3 websites for the release and update of 800#s:

 The optimal RV redemption window is sometime between after the markets/banks close Friday PM 11/20 and before Thanksgiving 11/26. Hydrating USA/Global economies before the 2015 holiday season is China's primary objective with RV release timing. There will still be an international shotgun start approach. Everybody goes together, or no one goes. Market rates (on screen) are very good and moving higher: IQD 7.10+; VND 4.60+; ZIM .033+, IDR 3.80+.

 Rates are expected to lower once the RV begins in order to motivate currency holders to redeem in short order. The ZIM redemption timeframe is 30 days after RV (its wise to go in as soon as you can, so scheudle an appointment asap). Private High New Worth Client redemptions are still on going in NYC, LA and Las Vegas. All past redemptions assigned an SKR (safe keeping receipt) are now being funded in the order they were received.

All private groups still waiting for the public release to wire funds (including Reno). However, Reno leadership is liquid at this moment, yet waiting for the public release before sending updated paymaster paperwork. Call centers are all staffed and prepared for the massive call volume that will accompany the 800# release. Redemption appointments are to take 30 minutes on average. Larger volume clients will get more time, and be sent to more exclusive redemption locations with include Private Banks for UHNW clients (50M+).

Internal bank security staffs are trained and on 24 hour high alert. Police and Military air/land support are both overt and operational 24/7; Special Forces are assisting in a covert fashion. 3,000+ redemption centers are currently staffed, prepared for redeemers and are being patrolled at this hour. High value infrastructure targets like power plants, water treatment facilities and electrical grid focal points are also being patrol 24/7. -----------

-------- Rumors & Links

 All western T1 major banks formally defaulted via international court rulings from The Hague last week.

Former President George Bush Sr.'s camp negotiated the surrender of his wing of North America's cabal faction last week. Official 9/11 blame was discussed as to whom would take historical responsibility for acts of terrorism against United States citizens. It was determined that President George Bush Jr. would take full responsibility along with **** Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.

 Which makes the 1996 quote by President Brush so profound:"If the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.” USA Republic President & NATO Chairmen of the Joint
Chiefs, General Joseph Dunford, was the subject of an assignation attempt while traveling overseas representing the new US government structure.

 He was not harmed. Russian President Putin warned former President Obama that he was prepared to release 9/11 truth materials implicating past administrations if ISIS/ISIL/Daash funding and arms supplying was not immediately shut down.

The Paris, France terrorists attacks have been proven to be a cabal psy-ops. Instead, it was a scheduled government drill, which means no one was killed and the global media has intentionally promoted a false "Islamic terrorist attack" for broader geopolitical purposes. Since 1971

Petrol Oil has collateralized the USD instead of gold. However was an illegal monetization strategy which has now been dismantled, leading to the reduction of oil prices and drastic increase in supply, as well as the internationally legal default of all fiat currencies worldwide/corresponding banks.

Greek Drachma rumored to be returning sooner than later. --

---------- Redemption Review APPOINTMENTS

800#'s will be made public via the internet and sent to your email. You may select any bank with an 800# for your foreign currency exchange. When you call to set your in-bank appointment, you will be asked for the following information: Zip Code, Total Amount and Type of Foreign Currency(ies) Held--see SAMPLE CURRENCY REDEMPTION SPREADSHEET attached.

 You will then be assigned a redemption location somewhere in your area (with an address), as well as a specific appointment time. REQUIREMENTS Three forms of ID, one pictured. Driver's license, passport, student I.D., credit/debt card, voter registration, social security card, birth certificate, utility bill, etc. all accepted.

 Any Corporate, Trust, or Charity organizational paperwork must also be accompanied by federal documentation showing current IRS EIN#. If you have an existing account with the bank you're redeeming at, it would be wise to bring your most current statement. Bring all in hand currencies with corresponding receipts and/or gift letters (if available). Spouses will be encouraged, but not required to accompany their significant other.

NEGOTIATIONS Bank staff has been trained to let each client reveal their own exchange rate and interest rate/term threshold. If you do not initially ask for highest contract rates/interest programs, you may not be offered. Understand the UST is the entity covering the principal of your currency exchange, not the bank you're exchanging with. Each bank will have long-term fiduciary responsibility for the interest program (rate and term) they negotiate with each individual client.

Agreeing to a higher redemption rate is good for the client and bank, agreeing to a longer-term interest rate is good for both the client and bank. Be advised each bank has pre-set redemption currency programs at the following liquidity levels: 1M, 3M, 5M, 10M, 100M, 500M, 1B. Depending on how much you currency you hold, it will automatically qualify or disqualify you from each program. Smaller holding clients (one or a few notes) will not be offered the higher contract or interest rates.