Tuesday, November 24, 2015

NASA Cuts Space Station Live Feed Again! UFO Space Craft Stalks International Space Station

NASA 'cut space station live feed' after 'bizarre donut UFO stalked ISS'

UFO investigators claim NASA switched off a live camera on the International Space Station (ISS) less than a minute after a bizarre "donut-shaped UFO" appeared on screen.

The NASA•YouTube
A video posted to YouTube shows the circular object, which appears to have a hole in the middle, appear on the camera in the distance and then apparently travel at a similar speed and orbit to the ISS.
But less than a minute in the camera goes to a completely blue screen, which is what conspiracists within the UFO community claim is done to try to belatedly hide evidence of UFOs from the public.

It comes just days after NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, who is staying on the ISS for a year, tweeted a picture looking out over the Earth which alien hunters jumped on to claim it featured a UFO in the top right corner.

But sceptics have rounded on them saying it was likely part of the ISS itself.

YouTube channel Streetcap1, which released the latest clip, published footage of an almost identical donut object earlier this month.

In a post with the latest video, the channel said: "This could be Lens Flare, (but) what made it interesting is it's solitary nature and we got a blue screen fairly quickly.

"It does appear to be moving, although it's too far away to really judge."

Scott C Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily, is convinced UFOs are watching activities on the ISS and says activity is almost daily.

He said: "This shows a craft shadowing the ISS in Earth's orbit.
What could it be? It is the second NASA•YouTube

What could it be? It is the second "donut" caught on camera this month
"The UFO is a solid object as you can tell from the shadows that move over it.

"As the lighting of the Earth below changes, so does the light reflected off the UFO, thus its a solid object, not a reflection.

"Also NASA went to blue screen, which shows they have something to hide."

NASA refuses to comment on such speculation, but says it has yet to discover any evidence of even microscopic alien life from the ISS or anywhere else in the universe.