Thursday, December 31, 2015

Another Overunity (Free Energy) Generator Coming To Market by Platinum Invests in Spain

Platinum Invests demonstrates overunity electromagnetic generator

With a big splash pending soon, one of our favorite free energy technology companies has thrown us a bone to sample some of the work being done in their new R&D facility in Tenerife, Spain. This demo of 4.1 kW input yielding 4.5 kW output is nothing compared to the 5x amplifier they have.

Platinum Invests' facility in Valencia

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

I've gotten some updates from our friends at Platinum Invests, the leading company on our QMoGen page (QMoGen is #2 in our Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing).

Dr. Umberto Stranieri, CEO of Platinum Invests (who doesn't speak very much English) in Spain, told Dr. Tony Sigona, who is their Financial & Contractual Director, that he could let me post this footage of a test they ran Dec. 13 in Tenerife. I did a little editing with notes and added some photos and their logo. (I might mention that the primary reason for our recent dialogue had to do with their encouraging me in my Isa. 66:5 appearance quest that so many of you have ragged on me about. We've got a story coming out tomorrow about this.)

This video comes from their Research and Development team in Tenerife, testing out a new configuration. This is not the previous technology we've been seeing from them, which is more advanced. It is throwing us a bone to get a taste of life there in the research lab. They now have a facility both in Tenerife and in Medellin.

They are preparing to do to a major public launch once their showroom there is ready. I plan on attending that, at their invitation.

What is good about this demo is its transparency. There are no hidden cabinets. Everything is open. You can see the wire coming from the main to the power supply, from the power supply to their generator; from their generator to the load of two heavy motors. Everything is on wheels or movable.

Measurement Data and Calculations

Without load:
Input: 408 V; 410V; 5.4A; 6.1A; 5.7A
[Ave: 409V x 5.73A x 1.73 = 4054 Watts]

Load: (powered by PI generator)
Output: 304.8 V; 306.2 V; 8.6 A; 8.4A; 8.3A
[Ave: 305.5V x 8.43A x 1.73 = 4457 Watts]

Input, with load: (both PI gen. and its load)
Input: [408 V]; 5.4A; 6.2A; 5.7A
(~same as without load)

EXCESS: 403 Watts
For those of you who might be expecting something bigger from them after all this time and the previous videos they've shown, go with me on a journey with me for a minute. This is how this video came about, as stated above. I was preparing that story: Support growing for Isaiah 66:5-8 appearance quest to awaken the planet. I was communicating with them about publishing a private endorsement they made.

Meanwhile, they are doing some work on a new development, and they have this clear video, and they think: "Hey we might as well share that with Sterling."

And I say, "Hey, do you mind if I post that?"

And they say, "Why not?" And it turns into this update story.

So it's not like they came to a breakthrough and contacted me about publishing their breakthrough. This is just a behind the scene glance at their daily operations.


Here's the latest photo of the form factor for their home power system.

Here's a little collage of photos of this system:

Coming Soon

Note, the aircraft shown is an artist's mock design. The actual prototype is different, and allows view of the ground by the pilot.


Umberto stands next to the Rosch testing prototype. (Page 6, Oct.)
Tony also sent me two recent newsletters (October | June). These are addressed to team members and insiders, but they are not confidential.

One of the biggest developments announced in the October newsletter is that Platinum Invests is now an official distributor for the Rosch KPP technology that is #3 in our Top 5.

They're going to be presenting at Adolf and Inge Schneider's "Free Energy and UFO Technologies" Congress to be held October 24, 25, 2016 in Stuttgart, Germany.

Here are some excerpts (slightly edited) from the June issue, that you'll find interesting:
The "free energy for all" department with the new Palladium hybrid version and the AMP v1, an energy multiplier that outputs five times more than input by any source, whether direct (from main), solar or wind, has consolidated its success.

Water treatment was one of our aims. We have reached the point that we could provide drinking water everywhere, in various ways -- but water for all, regardless of any condition from which it might originate.

The world is facing the worst environmental crisis ever. Platinum Invests Group Corporation S.A.' mission is to alleviate and solve these problems by brining forth its innovative technology that is sustainable and in harmony with the environment so that the new generations can have the same opportunities that the previous had.

With this review, the Platinum team is manifesting its readiness to start the industrialization of its technology, wherever in the world.
We covered most of the material in the June newsletters in this story last June:
Here's the list of partners they display at the end of the Oct. newsletter:

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