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Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 - Episode 12: SSP Sciences - Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock


For decades governments around the world have classified enormous amounts of science and technology for undisclosed purposes. In many cases, society is actively using technology that has not advanced beyond the 19th-century industrial world. But in secret, a vast amount of advancement has occurred, which many of the unaware masses would easily confuse with science fiction or magic. 

Age regression technology is one aspect of these hidden technologies, wherein participants in a time jump program agree to do a tour of duty known as the "Twenty and Back" program. Goode was one such participant, who completed a 21-year tour and was then age-regressed to the state just before he left 21 years earlier. Apparently this process was done in the Lunar Operations Command (LOC) base, a Secret Space Program (SSP) facility on the far side of the Moon. 

In the past, the SSP encountered time jumping effects when using advanced propulsion technologies equipped with a certain type of faster than light drive. They quickly learned that time travel was easily accomplished, but personnel sent to the future or past would experience age adjustment or synchronization to the new timeline. In other words, if one were to travel twenty years into the future as a young man, they would rapidly age to a point as if had they lived out those 20 years. Apparently every living being has a Zero Time Reference point established at the moment of conception, which must be adjusted artificially via SSP technologies, else a time traveler would experience the age adjustment effect. 

Goode has long been inaccurately called a super soldier yet he clarifies herein that he has never been a super soldier. But, he did encounter several super soldier programs during his time in the SSP, wherein they could use a type of psychic attack to disable or kill an enemy target. These super soldiers were also trained in highly advanced combat techniques as well as advanced psi training enabling them to catch bullets using a type of precognitive intuition. 

The Looking Glass Project is apparently a time-lensing technology which is modeled after the human pineal gland. It works by artificially focusing an operators consciousness and projecting the images received onto a screen at incredible rates of speed. This is a technological version of what Remote Viewers are able to do after years of training and mental discipline. Like a Remote Viewer, the operator is able to view any point in space or time, enabling the program to gain glimpses into the deep past or future. However, depending on the personal bias of the operator, the version of events recorded on the screen would vary. In each case the images appeared genuine, but the events shown were different, suggesting that time and consciousness are fundamentally connected in some way; more on this later. 

Goode also takes the time to clarify what type of people are populating the Secret Space Program and the SSP Alliance. he says that almost all of the individuals within the Secret Space Programs at large are very damaged, forced to do unspeakable acts in a common criminality technique of maintaining secrecy. But despite horrors suffered in the program, there is a growing faction of individuals actively seeking to release hidden technology, to disclose what has been kept secret and free humanity. 

The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) has been spoken of by some insiders as the highest level of clearance and secrecy on Earth. But as Goode describes, this is actually a very compartmentalized faction who is told they are the best of the best in an effort to maintain secrecy, which by all accounts is highly successful. 

The layers of secrecy and compartmentalization employed by what Goode calls secret Earth government syndicates have helped ensure that when whistleblowers begin speaking out, it appears to each other that they have conflicting information, but, in fact, they were indoctrinated into two different programs each of which were told they have the highest level of clearance. As a result, much of the insider testimony can be hard to reconcile into a complete picture, if one only focuses on a single set of testimony. But if one is fully aware of all the various programs and the compartmentalization methods employed to maintain secrecy, then a tapestry of corresponding data beings to present itself. Apparently this is one of the reasons Goode's accounts have shaken the truther community, as his testimony expands the limits of what was thought to be all there is.  

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Show Description:

Corey Goode exposes the details you have been waiting for pertaining age regression, super soldiers, advanced medical technology and more. From the Montauk Project to Remote Influencing, these secret sciences enabled the secret space programs to reach out beyond the limits of the sun, all the while concealing their operations from the bulk of humanity.

This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast December 15, 2015.
The summarized notes will be in black, with my commentary in [green bolded brackets]. Alterations to the transcript for ease of reading will be in [brackets], but the original content of the dialog is always maintained. The images with black letter boxing were captured from this episode on Gaia TV.

Transcript and commentary by Justin Deschamps.

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