Thursday, December 3, 2015

Deep Source Update - Global Currency Reset Intel/Rumor - December 3, 2015

Deep Source Intel: "Received 27 Minutes Ago"

Deep Source Intel SITREP (Situation Report) on December 3, 2015

Originally Posted at Dinar Chronicles:

Deep Source (RV/GCR):
"Received 27 minutes ago. The IMF are currently producing the required paperwork for the Chinese. Once the Chinese have completed their paperwork, the IMF will be notified and send the required paperwork to Iraq. Iraq will then revalue it's currency. Upon the revaluation, the IMF will sign off and send the new codes to all banks worldwide. This is all to be completed within 12 consecutive days."

Deep Source (Resistance):
"Noavailable information at this time."

Deep Source (The Alliance):
"No available information at this time."

Note from Deep Source(s):
"Please note: Intel that is being provided from us to you is indeed accurate but completely raw and does have a tendency to not follow through. There is no denying that we are all in frustration and loss of patience. It is entirely a fact that intel being provided is real, but there are constant on-going activities that change the situation. This is agonizing but you mustn't lose hope. Nothing lasts forever."