Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Former CIA Agent & MI6 Agent Speak Out On AI & E.T. Agenda

Giving an introduction and insight into Sgt Daniel MacBolan III, Christina Joanna Hart, a former British ‘Fleet St’ mainstream journalist who worked for an MI6 front company and was a key player in the Murdoch Phone Hacking scandal, now with her own show on US based Revolution Radio, she is able to get a concise background to this claimed CIA “Humbred” assassin -“balancer” agent, Daniel MacBolen III.

Here Daniel explains how, while he was about to take out a rogue senior US military officer, with gun ready to fire, he paused, and pulled back.

Daniel gives the detail on the US ocean ET recovery Submarine program, which caputerd submersed ET craft, with a shoot first and then using a ‘tractor beam’ take the craft into the submarine, and transport to a base to reverse engineer biological undersea ET craft in using these special submarines.
Giving a basic rundown of several ET types, based on the Russian KGB book and allocations, based on what the ETs call themselves.

This is a 2 hr radio show which gives a rundown of many new facts in the knowledge base of the ET and “Artificial Intelligence” or pathelogical AI which took over the Draco ETs and got them here in the first place. Its not the Greys or Darco that is our problem, its this extra dimensional and ET A-I, that has now started taking humanity over.

Daniel explains that plasma screens and computer technology are Trojan technologies with nano bot teks (Tiny 6 legged intelligent devices), now inside us all, ready to activate, to make Humanity a slave cyborg race controlled by this AI. (this is a crude summary)

So we have one rogue CIA agent and one rogue MI6 agent, on a US based online radio show, with Miles Johnston, off mic in the middle. Interesting combination, and Murdoch’s newspapers and SKY TV in the background. We wont even mentioin the AI and the BBC’s mind control, No one gets off in this freedom train.