Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Motionless Electromagnetic Generator - A Solid State Free Energy Device (Awarded USA PATENT)

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The following has been navigable to the common Man, ensured by U.S. Patent (since 2002) by the creators, against the pilfering and isolation from corporations that don’t want this thing in the common World. T.E. Bearden and his friends have achieved something important. A power creation system that consumes no conventional fuel, has no moving parts, requires no plasma creation for the exchange of electrical components (voltage), etc. Please look at this:

This is for real, and makes the Keshe development a transitional technology, that will transition to this in any case. Why waste steps? Just go to this. It is in fact the ‘Zero-Point Generator’ of legend, movies and SciFi. It’s not even the only unit available. But it remains the only one certified to work.

Remember, it has a U.S. Patent. Proof positive that it works. Any argument against it, is blunted soundly by that fact. The U.S. Patent Office frowns on this kind of thing, and required the longest Patent Investigation in modern times to award the patent. Bearded and his friends had to deliver 2,500 pages of mathematics to define the principles that makes this thing work. The prototype delivers more than 2-KW of electrical power, for an investment of 50-watts. And it can be close-looped (meaning the drive needed, can be obtained from the power generated, once the process is started).

Kesha is not the only game in town, and will not sustain its presence in the world, once this kind of technology becomes common practice.



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A solid state, electromagnetic generator, that achieves over-unity.  Draws power from the quantum field.  This device slip through national security net and was awarded a USA Patent 6362718B1.  Even though it was awarded a patent it still has been suppressed by media and the scientific community due to the fact it is a "disruptive technology".  This type of disruptive technology would cause economic upheaval throughout the world in a short amount of time.  There are still ongoing efforts to implement this technology along with other "free energy" devices developed by Nikola Tesla, MT Keshe, Stanley Myers, and others.