Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Peru Creates ‘Yellowstone of the Amazon’ for Uncontacted Tribes & Endangered Wildlife

sierra-del-divisor-cono (1)
Sierra del Divisor’s famed cone. Photo by Diego Pérez / El

Rhett A. Butler, Mongabay
Waking Times

After more than a decade of discussion and planning, Peru on Sunday will officially designate Sierra del Divisor National Park, a 1.3 million hectare (3.3 million acre) reserve that is home to uncontacted indigenous tribes, endangered wildlife, and one of South America’s wildest landscapes.

The much-awaited news was revealed late Friday night in a series of tweets by Peru’s Environment Minister Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, who called the declaration a “historic event”.

“The creation of the Sierra del Divisor National Park is a historic event,” he said. “It is a confirmation of the Peruvian government’s commitment to conservation, sustainable development and the fight against climate change.”