Tuesday, December 15, 2015

R'ha - Alienz vs machine (short movie)

For those who like epic sci-fi films.  This was pretty intense. 11 million views on YouTube.



Star Wars Producers Adapting Sci-Fi Short R'Ha For The Big Screen 

When it comes to getting a quick leg up in the science fiction community, there's usually no better resume or calling card than having an original short film as a sign of one.s efforts. And the more tireless those efforts are, the better. Kaleb Lechowski, creator and director of the short R.Ha, is seeing almost immediate fruits for his labor, as a trio of established filmmakers will help him turn that short into a full feature, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Rick McCallum is the former head of Lucasfilm and was a producer on the second trilogy of films in the Star Wars franchise, and Steve Tzirlin was a producer for Star Wars: Clone Wars who worked with McCallum on occasion. The two join Iam Entertainment to produce R.Ha, and they.ve brought Matthew Graham on board to write the screenplay. Graham created the time-warped detective series » 

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