Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Top 15 Animal Rights Stories Of The Year

By Amanda Froelich

From SeaWorld experiencing massive losses in profit and attendance to Hawaii banning all exotic animals from performing, 2015 has been an immensely progressive and satisfying year for animal rights activists.

Of course, there’s still progress to be made, but the following 15 stories should give you hope that if enough people come together and peacefully collaborate, positive change will ensue.

Here are the top 15 animal rights stories (in no particular area) of 2015:

1) New Zealand Now Recognizes ALL Animals As Sentient Beings!

owlA landmark decision by the Kiwis sets a precedent that other countries should follow.

2) Netherlands Bans Wild Animals In Circuses

circusanimal1It is now illegal for wild animals, such as lions, bears, elephants, and giraffes, to be used in circuses in the Netherlands!

3) Bad News For SeaWorld: 103-Year-Old Orca Recently Spotted Thriving In The Wild

OrcaHere’s why recent spotting of a 103-year-old orca, named “Granny,” is bad news for SeaWorld.

4) Hawaii To Become The First US State To Ban Wild Animals From Performing

2_Netherlands-ban-circus-animalsHawaii is set to become the first U.S. state to ban the use of bears, elephants, big cats, and other exotic wild animals for entertainment purposes.

5) SeaWorld Sees Profits Plunge 84% As Customers Desert Controversial Park

seaworldFor the past few years, SeaWorld has been under heavy scrutiny, due to criticism from animal rights activist who say that they mistreat the whales and dolphins that they have in captivity. In August, the company announced an 84% decrease in sales as “continued brand challenges” steer customers away from the park.

6) Jon Stewart Bought A New Jersey Farm And Is Turning It Into An Animal Sanctuary

jon-stewart-farm.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smartIn an effort to be the change he wishes to see in the world, comedian John Stewart, after stepping down as host of The Daily Show, has started a sanctuary for abused factory farm animals called Bufflehead Farm.

7) This Is Huge: SeaWorld Is Ending Its Flagship Killer Whale Show

seaworld-can-no-longer-breeed-orcas1Seaworld announced plans to end the exploitative practice of using orcas in its flagship show, in a clear effort to clean up the attraction park’s negative image.

8) Costa Rica Plans To Shut Down Its Zoos And Free All Animals In Captivity

zoo5The biodiverse nation intends to shut down both of its zoos and release all captive animals.

9) Activist Charged With “Criminal Mischief” For Giving Water To Thirsty Animals

pigsAnita Krajnc is being criminally charged for giving water to exhausted pigs during a scorching day in June this year.

10) New York Court Recognizes Chimps As Legal Non-Human Persons

Chimps4-e1450571541740History was made last Tuesday when two chimps were recognized as non-human “persons” in a court case.

11) Germany Becomes The First Nation To Ban ‘Chick Shredding’

1000-germany-chick-gassing-conveyor-beltNewly developed technology will determine the sex of each fertilized egg before the chick inside develops – enabling the removal of all male-identified eggs from the hatchery. This will eliminate the industry’s need to heartlessly grind male chicks once hatched.

12) Activists Save 1,000 Cats On their Way To Be Illegally Slaughtered In China…

Animal rights activists rescued more than 1,000 starving cats on their way to slaughterhouses in the south of China.

13) The Beginning Of The End For Zoos? Orangutan Wins Rights And Freedom In Landmark Case

Janey-and-childThis ruling sets a precedent for all future cases, and could mean the end of captivity.

14) Victory! Ringling Bros To Stop Using Elephants In Their Circus

RinglingThirteen Asian elephants will continue to tour with the company before retiring to Ringling’s Center for Elephant Conservation in Florida by 2018.

15) University of Oklahoma To Cease Its Baboon Research By 2019

After receiving immense pressure from animal rights activists to cease animal testing, the University of Oklahoma plans to phase out baboon research by 2019.

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