Sunday, December 27, 2015

Uncensored RV/GCR Talk Radio - Tonight at 9pm Est, December 27, 2015

Let’s Talk GCR / RV and the Great Shift with Deb & Sean
Episode # 5
After GCR / RV Exchanges: What’s the Plan?
Identifying the revaluation of currencies through the revaluation of self.
LIVE Sunday, December 27th 2015
U.S. 6pm PST / 9pm EST
Australia: Monday, December 28th @ 1pm Sydney

Intel, Rumors, Groups, Dis-info and more!
Open Live Q&A for Dinar Land Not to be missed!

GCR Activation 5 Sean DebJoin hosts, commentators, transitional bridges and researchers, Sean aka Awake-In-3D and Deb Pietsch for a no holds barred, open discussion about all things RV/GCR…including the multi-dimensional energetics, the esoteric AND how this GCR affects the microcosm and macrocosm of the mass consciousness, including humanity’s awakening journey and our transcendence from “the enslavement matrix”!

During this show:

Now that the exchange process is working its way through the private group structures (as widely reported), it is time to have a dialogue regarding post-RV exchange plans. On this week’s show, I will be discussing a general planning approach, structure and activities to start now, both as an individual and also within a group engagement environment.
Deb will not be able to join me on this week’s show, so I have a big job ahead of me to hold the space – not an easy task!  :)

Timing of Q & A:

We will open up the Q & A queue at 30-45 minutes into the first hour so that YOU can engage with us.

Topics To Be Covered:

  •  Why it’s not too soon to engage with your post-exchange planning
  • Have you taken, or will you take steps to create a independent entity such as a Trust or Foundation?
  • A majority of us plan to engage in Humanitarian projects and activities to create a better world for everyone but have not yet worked out the details – let’s discuss options in this noble endeavor.

Our Engagement and Commitment To You:

Many Dinar sites censor information and even forbid open idea and knowledge-sharing on a broad range of GCR topics. This live, interactive call will seek to ring out the information you care about free from censorship, mockery, and forbidden subjects. We are committed to being fully transparent, as well as going beyond Talk and information only. We will always be blending the 3D and the “5D” as well as the microcosm and the macrocosm of this situation … which is only the tip of the iceberg of monumental changes we’ll be seeing on the planet!

We also want to give a big “shout out” and thank you to JB and the great team at

All Replays available at: WakingUpWithDeb and

YouTube Channel: Shift Is Happening TV

We are excited to be sharing this time with you, and all the topics we will be talking about, as we expand the Waking Up With Deb family and community beyond the existing bounds!
See You Then..with bells, whistles and your “Let’s Do This” Beingness!

Transcript of Show:

Will be available here soon.