Saturday, January 2, 2016

Ascension Time Line Update from EM and Blue Solara

Additional Information: EM and Blue Solara's Webinar of 20 December 2016
Flower of Life Hexagram ~ Lily A Seidel

There's some additional information pertaining to the recent webinar by EM and Blue Solara, which I will reproduce as a separate post. This information will also be added to the original post, for completion.

The expanded details are in response to questions that I had submitted to EM and Blue Solara, related to the webinar.

Q1:  If new Ascension scenario for 4D means staying on Planet Earth, does that mean she doesn't get to ascend to 5D sooner? Previously, 5D were supposed to remain on Planet Earth, meaning she was supposed to be 5D?

A: Gaia, at the end of 2017 will change her core to the 5D “ will ascend ”, and will complete her ascension in 2024 [complete her full 5th Dimension],, this means that the 4D layer will remain from 2017 to 2024, [this period which all people of 4D will be prepared to reach the 5th D in 2024].. so in this period there will be 2 density of vibrations 4D&5D..
The 4th Dimension will stay only to 2024,,, and after that Gaia will include [5th,6th and 7th Dimensions ]..

Even in the previous scenario of the 5D, Gaia will enter the 5th Dimension in 2017, but the people of 5th D will stay with her,, but in the new scenario the people of 5th Dimension will move to another new earth 5th D..(Not with Gaia), but people of 4th Dimension who will be with Gaia in 5th Dimension after 2024 + many of light beings from other planets as immigration whom will inhabit this 5th D earth …

[ The meaning of ascension for Gaia does not happened in one day; It started in changing the core of her until reaching the full ascension in 2024...]

Q2: Core of Earth to be 4D ~ does that mean that Agartha etc are not 4D/5D now? What about Amenti ~ I thought this was a higher dimensional plane in Inner Earth, is it correct?

A: the meaning of the core of earth is not her Heart Core “The Agarthans” but her physical core ,, and the agarthans are 5th Dimension since thousands of years …This means that changing her core is changing the chemical composition of her physical body to the 5th D vibrations..

The Core of her heart is Terra “the ethereal & Astral body “5th – 7th Dimensions..
The core of her spirit is Sophia which belongs to the 13th Dimension...
So at the end of 2017 Gaia will start changing her physical body to match with her heart... as a higher vibration...

Q3: On the horizontal plane of each Universe, is there no "Will" dimension?
Meaning, are there only 6 dimensions on each horizontal plane?

A: Of course there is a will plane in all Horizontal of each Vertical universe “from physical universes to the Enlighten universes…
In the picture I drew; the text of Will was hidden by other text word “mistake”…

Q4: What happens when deadline of March 2016 to trigger The Event has passed and The Event still has not happened?

A: the deadline of March 2016 is from Gaia to the light forces” she put this time as a deadline in order for her to have enough time to change her core slowly,, and not at one time… because if the event delayed until 2017, there will be a strong impact on her physical body, which will cause a huge geological changes &natural disasters, and in turn will affect badly the human beings..

It is a critical situation for both sides... so from Gaia point of view, she needs time to make the changes smoothly,, and from the Light forces side, they agree with Gaia in this issue, but they have barriers still to trigger the event , and if they trigger the event before the stability of everything on earth , this will cause a huge  Chaos..

And the meaning that Gaia placed a deadline of March is to rush them to move, but she is not ordering them …

Both sides are trying to make it easy on people,, and make it happened before March 2016.. So the question here “if there is a possibility for the event not to happened at that time..?? Yes if there are big circumstances prevented this.