Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bashar Predictions for 2016 (Channeling)

Bashar predicts great changes around the corner...

A) 98% probability that you discover life on another planet
B) 90% probability for economic burst in China
C) 90% probability for economic burst in Greece
D) If B and C, then 78% probability for economic burst in US by up to as much as -50%
E) If D, then removal of entire taxation system
F) A - E probability: 78% - 87%
G) 57% probability for major natural disaster
H) 100% probability for major UFO sighting!
I) High probability for ET disclosure from unexpected source

BTW. I will be reporting on the collapses as soon as I notice the signs, I have very good predictive tools for that. Currently I am in the process of closely monitoring the chinese stock Baidu on Nasdaq, I am using that stock as the leading indicator.