Saturday, January 30, 2016

Drake Bailey Says All Militia's to 'Stand Down', from Oregon. The situation is NOT as reported. There were two ‘provocations’. This is real intel. The video shows LaVoy reaching in his coat. The state troopers then opened fire. ALL those in this group were reported as ‘armed’, therefore IF LaVoy had simply surrendered, he would still be alive. Watch: In addition, an idiot provocateur, second one, has been discovered. I will post all about him. Seems that relief column breaking a road block was ALL made up. Sitting behind a computer and trying to get people hurt is now going to make this butt wipe famous. From a solid intel source, the ‘take’ on all of this is a request, by leadership, for ALL militias to ‘Stand Down’. I hope this clears the air by showing the truth. Posted on January 29, 2016.