Monday, January 18, 2016

History is Repeating Itself Right Now & Deep Source Update - January 17, 2016

By Ricardo Montalban 17, 2016


As you are aware back in the early MEDIEVAL times, the Khazarian's (UKRAINE area today) were causing havoc in the area thru all kinds of satanic evil human sacrifices, kidnapping, raping, theivery, bribery, extortion, etc.

They were given a choice by the Kievan Rus (Early Russians) to convert to a religion as a means to stop their satanic practices. They converted to Judaism. It didn't help. Their wicked ways continued. Then Russia invaded and they all went to other countries and formed their secret society today we call the RKM Rothschild Khazarian Mafia.

Wikipedia, "Between 965 and 969, the Kievan Rus ruler Sviatoslav I of Kiev conquered the capital Atil and destroyed the Khazar state.

Originally, the Khazars were pagan Tengrist worshippers. The populace of the Khazar Khaganate appears to have been multi-confessional—a mosaic of pagan, Tengrist, Jewish, Christian and Muslim worshippers.[18]Beginning in the 8th century, Khazar royalty and notable segments of the aristocracy seem to have converted to Judaism."

Today Russia, with the financial aid of China is destroying the RKM once again as they have infiltrated our government and others and have controlled militaries for their benefit and taken control of world banking and CMMM controlled major mass media.

Russia has stopped their advances in the ME in Syria while China is destroying them in the markets. Judge Anna and Gen. Dunford attacking them in America along with the militia.

This time they will be destroyed. The planet will not tolerate them. They will no longer continue to create their Satanic worshipping cult on this Earth. Either they die and their souls are sent to HELL or they are sent to another planet. STAY TUNED!


Deep Source Intel SITREP (Situation Report) for January 17, 2016

Originally Posted at Dinar Chronicles:
"Secret Reset" - Intel SITREP from Deep Source(s)

Deep Source (RV/GCR):
"The Federal Reserve has secretly been dismantled as of last night. Dismantling of the Federal Reserve is expected to be part of the announcements. The Secret Reset Agreement is progressing."

Deep Source (Resistance):
"Economically choked by China and militarily restrained and defeated by Russia -- the reign of the Khazarian's is now at an end. united States Militia activated. New Republic pending announcement following the arrests and trial of USA INC. members. Organic Constitution of the Constitutional Republic of the united States and common law will be restored."

Deep Source (The Alliance):
"No information available at this time."

Note from Deep Source(s):
"Please note: Intel that is being provided from us to you is indeed accurate but completely raw and does have a tendency to not follow through. There is no denying that we are all in frustration and loss of patience. It is entirely a fact that intel being provided is real, but there are constant on-going activities that change the situation. This is agonizing but you mustn't lose hope. Nothing lasts forever."