Friday, January 1, 2016

Shane "The Ruiner" Update - January 1, 2015

Genetics and Soul

Throughout our universe there is a great divide in belief regarding the soul.

Many races hold onto the belief that their soul does not retain memory of experience or identity (ego).  That when their physical bodies die their consciousness and the spark of life they know as the soul, return to Source and are absorbed and reprocessed.  Reincarnation to these groups means "death of the ego/ identity".

Their goal is then to preserve their physical body and lifetime and prolong their experience as long as possible.

In order to achieve this several technologies exist to extend the natural life time of physical beings.  Either extending the life of the physical body they were born into, or transferring their consciousness into a new body to avoid death.

Due to this belief system some entire planets are used to grow physical specimens to be re-purposed or to generate spiritual energy that can be used to extend a physical life.

This means either stealing the bodies of others or stealing their energy.  Each path is a violation that, in their ignorance, is doing more harm to their soul than good.

The concept makes its way into other belief systems such as "The Genetic Entity" you would learn about studying Scientology.  (just an example)

Those who follow this line of thought understand the soul as being a vehicle to hold their life spark only.  They do not see it as something that shapes the physical world, merely as something that is powering the body which is observing it.  They believe the genetics shape who a being is and will become.

This way of thinking can be observed in the film "Jupiter Ascending" where the beings would harvest humans to create a substance they could use to live for thousands of years.  What some would call reincarnation they described as a re-occurrence of the exact DNA.

I hope that most reading this can see the folly in this.  The soul is much more than an ego or identity and it carries memory of all experience and also has the ability to access more than just its own memory.  It does not fade and cannot be destroyed, and until it completes a massive cycle of development and chooses to return to Source, it will maintain every piece of knowing it ever experiences.

We have, as do many ET races, actual science that proves the soul holds consciousness, not the mind or body or other organs.   I'm sure many of you can find this or have seen this.

Shame some just cannot see this as true.