Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sheldan Nidle Update - January 13, 2016 Caban, 10 Chen, 12 Manik

Dratzo! Many expected operations were delayed by overly cautious and unnecessary security developments. Those who temporarily control these funds are deeply worried and hence have reverted to a process, which allows them to work initially at a snail’s pace. This diverted operation has slowed the deliveries and altered when these monies are to be delivered. It is now at a pace more deliberate than we were initially given. Again, these funds are in the hands of those who feel more comfortable with a tempo that is filled with a series of special checks at each stage of this operation. This employs a special way to secretly move vast sums across borders. It is our belief that this slower process is doing two things. First, it has greatly slowed a number of future announcements that are to signal the start of new governance and those that are to begin a global currency reset. Second, it has slowed down the preliminary schedule for mass arrests and for the rechartering of the world’s fraudulent banking system.

These delays are yet another sign of how difficult it is to swiftly move against the old, dark order, which has ruled this realm for millennia. Even though we possess the tools and the evidence to defeat these odious ones, it is very difficult, even after a series of agreements to speed up this vital process. The dark realizes the extent to which the Light forces are permeated with those who know how truly devious are the ways of their former dark lords. This old “history” has again and again produced caution even when it is not really called for. We deeply apologize for these ultra-slow actions. It is hard to move when a way of doing things is challenged. Your world is now deeply embedded in this set of old procedures. It is our challenge to change this and allow a breath of fresh air to permeate this operation. Hence, we expect that this process is to begin quite shortly. Even those filled with caution are in truth committed to this grand alteration of this reality. Thus, the old ways are to be finally cast aside.

As this process of change continues, remain focused on victory. We are thoroughly convinced that everyone is determined to terminate the hideous ways of the dark cabal. This cabal has used its power to frighten, distort and confuse all. We are aware of how these methods have gradually left many exhausted when they try to do anything positive. Despite these unwarranted fears, some degree of action is actually taking place. It is not easy to defy those who you have feared for so long. Such an action is nevertheless happening. A thing necessary for an alteration of the very core of this reality is occurring. The dark now knows that its days of mind-bending control are over. The time for many key announcements are upon us. These are to start a massive domino effect, which is to change your realm forever. This includes a newer, fairer monetary system, prosperity, and of course, new governance. Prepare to be amazed and honored by what is presently to happen!

As you move into this new era, be aware of what this truly means. The old perceptions that you have carried with you since childhood are no longer to fully apply. This is to be the start of a new reality for all. Long ago, you became the pawns of a dark overlord group that created a class of minions, which we call the dark cabal. This cabal defied Heaven and over the past few decades created a realm, which they intended to run as they pleased for an eternity. This wish has been dashed and with what is happening, you are to shortly see them arrested and temporarily separated from you. This group of charlatans is to be tried and their ill-gotten gains redistributed among you. Take this time to appreciate what is happening. You are to receive your freedom and be given an opportunity to participate fully in your affairs. Do not take this opportunity lightly. Be diligent and ready to be an everyday watchdog. Freedom is a duty to be watched over carefully! Come together and ready yourselves for new responsibilities.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! You, dear hearts, are on the very edge of a new reality. Those who were put in charge of delivering a grand prosperity to you are finally prepared to finish a long process that began many centuries ago. Our purpose in assigning them this great responsibility was based on their honesty and deep diligence, which permitted us to know that at the right divine time this grand task was to be done. The moment for this sacred completion has now arrived. We are most happy that you are about to receive the many blessings that are due you. The time to end your enslavement in this dark land has come. You are to receive liberation with these blessings. The time of your enlightenment is to be started at last! We are also readying our lessons for you. These are to teach you about your origins and the reasons for your divine mission on this world. This is to be explained further by your Agarthan cousins.

As we approach this most exciting time, it seems as though this world is untouched by what we say and feel daily. Much of what is changing is doing so in a way disguised by the old. Despite this, it is only a sham that you observe. This insane realm is full of tricks. The dark understands what Heaven is doing. Despite disappointments, remain focused on your vision and the prize it contains. You are a powerful people and we come only to acknowledge and support you. This world has shown its cruelty and its consequences. This set of odd causes and effects is ready to be transformed. The Light has come and it is in the final set of procedures to transform your worries into wondrous things you have long dreamed of! The glorious moment of new responsibities for you and us is now arriving.

Use your vision and your true dreams to guide you. Heaven understands whom you really are and is showing you the way toward a new reality. It is Heaven that has sent you on this final path that leads to full consciousness. We are simply a divine instrument of this sacred journey. This time in our mutual history is just beginning. You are in the process of preparing your body and Soul to transform into the crystalline version, which is your fully conscious self. You have been spared the immense difficulties created by this journey and in its stead is a poor reflection of your limited consciousness selves. Even though this has allowed some pain and discord to continue, be grateful that it has not been the apocalypse that it could have been. You are now in the final phases of a new realm. Your way is cleared for victory! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today, we carried on our mission to provide you with an overall report on what is happening on this globe. The dark has lost and all that drags this out is a final need to be cautious and slow. Your blessings are coming and you are to quickly see them appear before your startled eyes! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)