Monday, January 25, 2016

The New X-Files TV Show Is Full of Disclosure

The New X-Files 1-24-16… “Pretty Darn Full of It (Disclosure, that is)”

Okay… I never watch “normal”, MSM TV anymore. But tonight I viewed the first episode of the new X-Files (8PM HST)… and tomorrow night is the second episode (7PM HST). I was pretty “blown away” by the amount of “in your face” disclosure.

There was a huge amount of “Disclosure of all kinds” in this one. Much of it was just “blurted out there”, usually by Mulder. Here’s a few bits that I picked up on:
  1. 9-11 was a false flag
  2. Alien Reproduction Vehicle (built with intercepted alien technology)
  3. Free energy has been available since the 1940s but it’s been covered up
  4. Spying, surveillance programs
  5. Showed video clip of Obama on Jimmy Kimmel (not denying the existence of UFOs)
  6. Genetic manipulation and combining with alien DNA
  7. An end goal of all the attempted mind control, surveillance, etc., is to make us into a controlled society
  8. Alien abductions are not really “alien”, but rather by humans (with advanced craft) (just like Corey has said)
So we’ll just wait until tomorrow and see what that one brings. If there were a water cooler anywhere, we could meet at it and talk about this show.

Aloha, Kp

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