Thursday, January 21, 2016

Wes Annac: Can We Be Sensible About Channeling? Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Channeling: “The practice of professedly entering a meditative or trancelike state in order to convey messages from a spiritual guide.” (Source)

This will be difficult to write, and my intention isn’t to condemn my friends in the conscious community who love channeled messages.

Yet for this piece, I need to be real and express what I’m feeling.

The latest post from Greg Giles, former channel for the ‘Galactic Federation of Light’, exemplifies one of the reasons I stopped channeling.

In his post, he claims that channeled messages are part of a government psy-ops program that lures well-meaning people to their mental and spiritual demise with what are apparently artificial telepathic communications sent by the government to control our minds; not messages from beings who want to help us evolve.

I was a channeler when I first started in this community, and I channeled Pleiadians, Ascended Masters, Hathors; the Galactic Federation; I could go on and on.

I stopped channeling because I became more interested in writing, which gives me an opportunity to express my own thoughts and feelings about the planet’s evolution. When I channel now, I channel my own higher consciousness (also known as the higher self), because I can share it with people who aren’t as open to messages from angels or extraterrestrials.

Channeling was the only way I could connect with a higher consciousness in the beginning, and it was an effective form of meditation. Throughout the two or so years I was actively involved with it, I was led to reconnect with a simpler and, for me, more preferable form of spirituality.

I reached a point where I no longer needed to channel, and I wanted to use writing to connect with everyone in this community as opposed to just a few people. My idea was (and still is) to contribute to the unity of this community and writing seems like a great way to do it.

The reason Greg’s post makes me glad I went in a different direction is that some people are getting ridiculous about channeled messages. Don’t get me wrong; there are lightworkers (which is a loaded word these days) who take the messages seriously, discern what they read and aren’t quick to make fantastic claims or jump on a bandwagon.

They enjoy messages from certain sources, and that’s fine with me. I used to religiously read the same sources, and as long as it helps them on their journey, I have no desire to say that they or the messages they read are wrong.

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