Saturday, February 13, 2016

COBRA Interview - February 11, 2016

Interview Transcript

Untwine : Do we have a fixed number of soul mates ?

Cobra : The number is not actually fixed, but it doesn’t change much. Basically the number is based on beings that emerged together as a soul family from the galactic central sun millions of years ago, but there are certain factors which could change the number of soulmates.

U : Ok so if there are strong new compatibilities or incompatibilities, somebody could be a new soulmate or not be a soulmate anymore ?

C : It is possible in some rare circumstances that somebody who has been a soulmate is not anymore, and the other way around.

U : Can you say how many we have roughly, on average ?

C : I would say 1 or 2 dozens, 12 or 24 is a good symbolic number.

U : What is the true ascended archetype of Goddess Bastet ?

C : Her true ascended archetype is a being full of power and stability.

U : The ancient deities that are often represented with animal heads, like Ganesha or Sekhmet, is this a literal or a symbolic representation ?

C : It is both a symbolic representation and an ancient memory from the time of Atlantis when many beings like this were actually present on the surface of the planet. So they don’t have the appearance of an animal head anymore but there were many beings in the time of Atlantis that did look like that.

U : What is the ascended archetype of Planet X and what role does it play in our astrology ?

C : Planet X is the planet which symbolizes liberation. Planet X in astrology, in our personal astrological chart, is actually our doorway, our exit point from quarantine Earth.

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