Thursday, February 4, 2016

COBRA Interview - Q&A with Rob Potter - January 26, 2016

Here is Cobra ‘s Interview Transcript 

Rob – OK Ladies and gentlemen.

As promised, here we are again with   Cobra and I have a couple announcements before we start. A lot of people have been sending me multiple questions. Please ladies and gentlemen. Please keep your questions to maybe 3 or 4. I would really appreciate that.

Also, if you could not ask just questions about youtubes or books or personal people. Again I have to remind you please read the book, look at your youtube and ask several specific questions. Many people are sending us very long information for us to do homework on and then to make a general comment. We tend to not prefer to comment on other’s work. Please keep that in mind.

Also, last month there was some controversy in regards to some post with the Cobra interview and so forth. We had some difference in opinion and Cobra and I agreed to disagree. So we’re going to address that in just a second but there’s no problem with Cobra.

I absolutely support him. I know that Cobra is absolutely pure in his intent. I’ve defended Cobra constantly against attack from people and I am a supporter of Cobra. I have done 3 conferences. I have done a tremendous amount of work with Cobra and I feel that his information is absolutely tremendous and powerful especially within the bandwidth of the control matrix.

Never before have we had such clarity about the plasma scalar field, the forces behind it, the implant matrixes and things of this nature and I want to make it clear, very clear that I support Cobra. We’re big boys and we can agree to disagree on certain metaphysical information here and there.
A disagreement Does not change the mission. It’s not about me, it’s not about Cobra, it’s not about our differences or limited human views. We’re all coming together here in a space of love and peace and so I wanted to support that information and love. Cobra. . . You would agree with what I just said, right.

COBRA – Yes, I would just say that let us go beyond that drama and just carry on with the mission.

Rob – Absolutely. Thank you very much. Folks, we’ve had a lot of interesting things going on in the last few weeks. Cobra was away. We had to delay the interview. We’ve had many requests for when it’s coming out. We’re doing our best to get this out.

So Cobra, since we last talked, Alex Collier came to my conference and again we’ve talked about this before and it’s quite timely. Yesterday you made a post about the 9th planet which of course is the planet which you said the Resistance comes from and you made a wonderful post explaining about that people would see a blue methane gas water planet that if they looked closely within the gradient level of 10 pixels they’d be able to see actually the rectangular glass things, I guess windows that would look on the sub surface out into space there. So this is the Resistance Movement planet and this is good news. Also you mentioned that here where I am on Maui, the Chimera still control the deep underground space center complex and they’re actually will be taking away any evidence from major astronomical observatories on this planet and that kind of shuts it down folks.

That explains why we haven’t heard too much of that. Read that post of Cobra’s as well as keep in touch with his blog on the portal I wouldnt to bring that up but with information from Alex Collier I wouldn’t bring this up and you just made it clear on this post and answered one part of this question. I was wondering about the Nibiru.

Does the resistance have any information, and I’d like you to ask them if there are any other planetoid worlds or comets or anything dwarf, invisible sun as some people are saying, coming into our solar system and effecting our, you know volcanic activity, any type of things like that?

COBRA – OK. I know that answer already and they have been absolutely sure that there is nothing that will cause the orbit of the earth come close enough to disturb the tectonic activity on the planet or have any kind of catastrophic impact on the planet in the near future. So nothing like that exists inside our solar system right now.

Rob – OK. Very interesting. I did just have an interview with Randy Kramer that will be coming out soon a two part, the SSP guy. And he confirmed the information about the what is called, what he considers Nibiru and he says it comes every 3600 years. He said it will supposedly not arrive for another 1200 years.

According to Billy Meyers notes that I was reading they have bumped it’s orbit and it will not be a danger to the earth planet. You said anything that will cause a disturbance. Is it possible that there maybe another large something coming within in the solar system but would not cause tectonic damage that may effect weather or something like this.

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