Tuesday, February 16, 2016

David Wilcock - The History of 3rd Density on Earth

Wisdom Teachings – The History of 3rd Density on Earth - with David Wilcock

In this week's episode David Wilcock did not at all disappoint when it came to detail and depth of content. Once again, I found it difficult to keep up, and to mentally organize my view of the presentation as it progressed.  Though again, I found myself enjoying the challenge.
Wilcock started out by reviewing some important details from both the “Wisdom Teachings” series as well as the show “Cosmic Disclosure” (with Corey Goode), on various topics relative to this episode. He discussed the Mars Migration, the evolution of humans on planet Earth, the intervention of the Ra beings, as well as some of the research done by the Secret Space Program on the subject of spontaneous, planetary evolution. One interesting point that David mentioned was relative to these SSP research missions to star systems that had already undergone the energetic changes yet to be seen by planet Earth. He told of how the experiences of the people on these missions were varied. Among these crews, those on the positive path were able to advance in intuitive and psychic ability, while those who were on a negative path quite literally began to lose their minds. Wilcock likened this situation to turning up the thermostat in a room. As the heat would increase, so would the stress of those within that room. Thus, revealing everyone's true colors.

Another interesting point that David made was how much care the Ra beings took in respecting free will. At times, this care was to such an extent that they would refuse to give certain details about seemingly simple questions, and would instead remain ambiguous in their answers. Though this ambiguity may be frustrating for some, it draws attention to an important concept.