Saturday, February 13, 2016

Disillusionment: An Unexpected Opportunity: Commentary on the Recent Revelations of Corey Goode

This week, Corey Goode broke the news that 
Zecharia Sitchin's translations regarding the origin of Earth humans was most likely contrived. This news may be considered shocking, if not "Earth-shattering" for much of the alternative audience, and this is understandable. This article is not particularly about the details of that account, but is rather an examination of the potential benefits to we, the audience. As we encounter this revelation (or any other which may arouse feelings of discomfort within us) we are presented with a very unique opportunity.
This brings us to a very interesting point commonly encountered during the awakening process. That is the encounter of the iconoclastic principle. Any information we encounter which stirs up any insecurity, or invokes a violent emotional reaction has the ability to show us aspects of ourselves which we may have never seen before (or may not have wanted to see). These dogma-shattering ideas have a way of proving not so much the principles they propose, but the fact that we may have accepted our initial ideologies in haste, insecurity, emotional dependency, and/or illusion.