Thursday, February 18, 2016

George Kavassilas Update - Cosmic Matrix Revealed

Hallo Beautiful People

Firstly, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all who attended my Navigating the Matrix Workshop last Saturday here in Byron Bay, Australia.  It was a really powerful day, full of enthusiasm, smiles, paradigms smashed, tears of joy and relief, even laughter and of course lotsa love.  The caliber of people that attended was astounding.  Genuine truth seekers who aren't afraid of facing the programs of control on this planet front on.  Well done to all who attended and a special thanks of love and gratitude goes out to Patty and Paul, Liz and Teresa, who helped make this event possible.

Ok, this next paragraph is going to be to the point.
I recently had a call with a good friend who at the time was overseas attending a conference with some of the top corporate leaders.  This conference is to do with trans-humanism and their scheduled roll out of technology over the next decade or two, and my goodness, the information he shared with me is enough to make anyone's jaw drop and their eyes pop.  In the last few years I have spoken about the 3 levels of Matrix imposition being imposed upon Humanity.  My friend said that this framework of the 3 levels is now becoming a distinct reality.
I can't emphasis enough how important it is to know what it is we are dealing with here in our lifetimes.  I am shortly releasing the video series of my one day Byron Bay Seminar called ‘Cosmic Matrix Revealed’. 

I am going to explain why I feel so passionate about this video release and why I know you will benefit greatly:

By sharing with you my understanding and experience of this Matrix System, you will be in a much greater and empowered position to
  • Expand your awareness of life, this Universe and your journey through it
  • Better understand the background framework of not only the Earthly Matrix, but also the Cosmic Matrix 
  • Deepen your perception of your life here on Earth
  • Discover the paradigm breaking and for some, shocking reality about the Matrix imposition on Humanity
  • Be empowered to better deal with life’s challenges
  • Change the way you experience this reality
  • Change the way you navigate your way through life.
Understanding what we are dealing with when confronted with a challenge is a huge advantage and a big step forward in moving beyond the pain and the paradigm of reality that we are intending to transcend.  I previously discussed how living with pain over prolonged periods can lead us into the trap of accepting pain as an ongoing “norm” and as a result never being able to move beyond that paradigm of reality. 
Since the release of the movie “The Matrix”, most of us have resonated with it and have been able to identify with its message of allegory, metaphor and to some degree literal representation.  
So…what is it?  What is The Matrix? 
The Matrix is a system! It is a colossal multi-dimensional system of control and custodianship which comes in many guises.  
As a result in today’s world we have adopted the word “Matrix” as the paramount descriptive label used to express and illustrate our understanding of this system. 
In my journeys I have seen and experienced the extent of this vast multi-dimensional Matrix, and have come to know that it is indeed a crucible on a Universal scale.
The Matrix is an imposed system that seeks to violate your sovereignty and apprehend your will.  It is also a closed system; regardless of its vast multi-dimensional nature.   It has evolved over eons of time into the most sophisticated program of limitation this Universe has ever seen.  It has the ability to keep you enthralled with one activity of interest after another, such as missing out on the next episode of your favourite television series, or consumerism, the latest gadget, the latest scientific discovery; climbing corporate ladders, barracking vehemently for your favourite sporting team, or even worshiping Gods.  At times it creates awe and wonder, stimulating you, so you go blindly and eagerly into the greatest distraction ever!

The ultimate goal of the matrix is to distract you from YOU!

Our natural and organic state of Being is essentially simple.  
Sadly, we are continually being programmed to receive. 
Through the process of matrix sensory overload and programs of reception, resides a very crafty and clever underlying symbiosis of being programmed and conditioned to externalise.  This means we are being programmed and conditioned to give our power away, which means being programmed and conditioned to be subservient; which consequently results in being programmed and conditioned to be obedient, because the ultimate end “goal” is custodianship.

Following are t
he three main underlying components in the programs of religious and spiritual literature, in doctrines and practices being disseminated all over our planet and imposed into the Human psyche under the guise of love and freedom:
Subservience     Obedience     Custodianship

Regardless of these intentions projected at us buy the matrix ruler and it's minions, it is crucial for you to know you truly do have the inner strength, capabilities and above all, THE RIGHT to transcend this imposition.  In Cosmic Matrix Revealed I will begin to show you how. 
Keep and eye out for my next newsletter which will provide you with the information about the launch details.
Thank you for having the courage to be your authentic self.
George Kavassilas
I Am Infinite!

PS: Please feel free to pass this email onto anyone whom you feel would also benefit.  Let’s work together as a community in helping our Humanity become free and sovereign…
Let’s do this!