Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Human Fractal Nature is Eternal with George Kavassilas (Op-Think Radio)

Op-Think Radio with George Kavassilas - Human Fractal Nature is Eternal

recorded 1/28-29/2016

The full 3 hour VIDEO interview with George Kavassilas!

During this wonderful co-versation we discussed the forgotten secrets of human nature, the bond of the Universe we all carry within, we dwelled into the topics of energy and how to stay focused and not distracted by programs which try to lure our attention from our inner process... And much much more!

"George Kavassilas has always seen the world through different eyes as compared to those around him. From a very young age, he was aware that the universe was full of life, and could see and feel life around him more deeply than other people. This included the teachings of the so called, education system, religious doctrines and society in general which portray a vastly different and limited perspective.

George Kavassilas is an author, acclaimed speaker and regular guest on the alternative radio circuit.
By his works George is reminding us constantly how it is important to be in connection with nature, to be grounded in the loving embrace of our mother Earth. How to connect with our eternal divine nature. How to become sovereign and remember our ancient roots."

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