Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Reboot Yourselves! By Lucinda


By Lucinda

I am not a channeler. I am a career computer programmer/analyst/project manager with a Bachelor of Science in computer science. I wrote this in a simple, easy to understand way. I believe my post 100%–this is not an analogy. Feel free to copy and share with everybody.

Urgent! Reboot Yourselves!

Prime Creator created the first universe by writing the code for a spherical design. Every being could choose whatever level one wished to enjoy, experience, and explore within the Sphere. No one was above or below another. Nor, in competition or judgement of another. And each had the power to create one’s fondest desires. All was bliss and ecstasy.

Prime Creator wrote simple Laws of Creation, i.e. Freewill, that must be followed, lest the universe would eventually self-destruct, the same way a string of malware will replicate and eventually crash a computer. Picture the Cosmos as a sentient calculus computer, inputting energy and outputting every possible outcome. In the beginning the Code was pure and perfect, supporting the spherical design and Laws of Creation.

Unbeknownst to Prime Creator, who trusted His beloved first tier universe builders, and honored their Freewill, one of them deliberately and secretly slipped in malware that began replicating and changing the Divine Spherical Code from sphere to pyramid (tetrahedron).

This newly birthed pyramid universe expanded, replicated and divided into multi-verses. One third of all the universes became a pyramid design, with a controlled hierarchy of overlords and slaves. PC quarantined these universes to prevent the spread of the malware to the pure universes.

The creator of this pyramid universe is called “alternate”. Alternate knew these universes would eventually fail, and hastened the crash by relentlessly demanding unspeakable atrocities to be committed against Prime Creator’s beloved humans.

These atrocities include the creation of a devious system to recycle souls, called incarnations, in which humans are forced to return with memory erased, to endlessly suffer and cause suffering of others. Karmic debt is a trick to trap souls and to prevent Ascension. Each soul experiences life as a slave and as an overlord. All incarnations will be judged if one demands judgement of others in this current timeline. (Note: PC doesn’t judge. In His eyes, we are all perfect. Judgement only occurs in the pyramid universes.)

Alternate despises all of its creations and is using reptilians, cabal satanist, et.al., to expeditiously bring our universe to the brink of destruction. Why? To force Divine Intervention, which puts Prime Creator in a vulnerable position, like luring an army on a rescue mission into a trap….the battle to end all battles. Alternate knows the rescued humans will infect the pure universes with the malware, replicating and spreading with great speed.

Prime Creator has had an easy, fail-proof plan all along. He downloaded a pure version of the Code into every being, which reformats the malware and replaces it with the Divine Spherical Code. Imagine a sphere (you) ascending (software migrating) easily and perfectly into a higher vibrational sphere filled with bliss and ecstasy. This Code ensures Ascension without a glitch.

But there is one thing WE must do. We must reboot to install!

How do we reboot?! Ask yourself: Can I accept a universe where I am not better (richer, smarter, better looking) than another? And, where no one is better than me? Can I accept myself and ALL others for who we are, with no judgement? Can I love and accept the reptilians, archons, cabal satanists, et.al.? If yes, consider yourself rebooted.

Alternate is counting on us hating and fearing the above listed and demanding for them to be punished (read pyramid malware), so that we cannot ascend. All is at stake with the coming disclosure. Will you rage with revenge or love unconditionally? Malware will not be allowed to infect the pure, blissful universes.

Will you reboot?


To end the suffering for all eternity, the pyramid universes must be saved by reformatting into bliss. The malware, which is in all of us, is the code for "judgement ". Judgement causes dualism, the opposite of Oneness. By giving unconditional love for all, especially to alternate, we can delete/reformat the code for dualism/judgement which in turn launches our sacred codes (the 98% so-called junk DNA). When a specific percentage of beings have activated their codes, the Cosmos sentient computer will output the calculations to transform the tetrahedron universes into pure spherical universes.