Friday, February 12, 2016

SOVEREIGN SOUL GROWTH – Part II: The Inner Impacts of Exposing the Sentient Pathogenic AI Agenda

Published on Feb 11, 2016
This is Part II of our symposium on the Inner impacts of exposing sentient pathogenic AI - Artificial Intelligence.

The information waves we tune into are intelligence, ie: data-laced frequencies. They inform our consciousness, our mind and our emotions. Indeed the rate of information that Humankind has access to and is exposed to now has reached an exponential explosion that leaves many people confused as to how to discern, how to decide what is a Truth and what is a lie.

The single largest growing component of this information field, which is often times not seen but felt, is the use and misappropriated use of technologies that are being utilized in the roll out of the Transhumanist agenda.

Some of us on this panel have been part of symposiums, panels and discussion groups on the reality of the problems and solutions in dealing with pathogenic sentient AI–artificial intelligence that is being used to continue and augment the control of Humanity. This is an extremely deep and complex subject, and the effectiveness of its implementation depends on us staying asleep at the wheel of Mothership Earth.

The impact on each of us, one could call it blowback from being involved in this disclosure, has been life altering. Contact with this subject has provoked a deepened response in each of us so by confronting and dealing directly with this pathogen we have each found layers of inner resolve and strength we previously were unaware of.

We come from different backgrounds, different points of view and yet are called together to share from our unique experiences of sovereign soul growth, which we feel are invaluable to share, on how to deal with this threat.

This is a war on consciousness; in more fully disclosing how this agenda functions, its affects on our personal lives, and the viciousness at which it attacks, we have learned to stand stronger individually and how to work collaboratively with knowledge and wisdom.

What we are offering in this presentation are key points toward obtaining a state-of-being, a state of Sovereignty where the soul-self is able to free itself from this nefarious influence.

We speak with gratitude for the Wisdom-body that accompanies us in ever increasing flows of divine intelligence, that which has been obscured through the ages and annals of time.

May all prosper and open the Heart’s door a bit wider.

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