Friday, February 5, 2016

The New Republic -- Does it Really Exist?

By Operation Disclosure
February 5, 2016

The New Republic, does it really exist or is it another Psyop?

Intelligence reports of a "New Republic" have been quite evident for sometime now, years even. According to those reports, General Joseph Francis Dunford is the current Interim President. But does New Republic really exist?

First, let's start with Judge Anna von Reitz. She made it clear that she is not a counsel for General Dunford. Although, she did say -- quoting her own words, "We are all working on reclaiming American assets for Americans.". What does this mean exactly? Did she just hint that General Dunford is in-fact working against the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. and it's Khazarian masters?

There are rumors of General Dunford using the New Republic as a "psyop" to remove the CEO of the corporation and the corporation itself from it's power. This doesn't necessarily mean General Dunford is a bad guy. I just don't see why he or they have not ensued action yet. It is said it is because the American people have not fully awakened yet. If this is the case, then why doesn't General Dunford announce and disclose the scam and the crimes of the corporation on the Emergency Broadcast System? The only reason I could think of is that it may cause chaos among the American people. And I do believe Dunford does not want the American people to think there is a coup d'etat.


I firmly believe the New Republic is not "new". Currently, there is no operational de-facto government in the united States of America. The entire country is being run by an incorporated governing body under the name of our country. It is the greatest con in history. Once the corporation has been disclosed to the public -- this is when the mass arrests will begin. The corporation will go down on the charges of fraud, murder and countless other charges. The de-facto government of the united States of America will then be restored. Therefore, there is no "New" Republic -- it is the restoration of the "Old" Republic. But I guess, you can call it the "New Republic" if you wish.

Star Wars anyone? Old Republic, takeover of the Emperor, Order 66, the rebellion and then the New Republic?