Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wisdom Teachings: The Atlantean Mysteries - with David Wilcock

This week, Wisdom Teachings continued with David Wilcock's talk on the history of our solar system, the Law of One, and the ways in which these teachings may apply to our present-day experience. This episode would discuss how the civilization of Atlantis came to be as developed and advanced as the stories suggest, and how its people received assistance from the Ra group in becoming so.

David starts off by referencing the a passage in the Law of One which discusses just how many inhabited, 3rd-density worlds exist in our galaxy alone.

10.18 Questioner: How many stars, approximately, would be in a galaxy?
Ra: It depends upon the galactic system. Your own, as you know, contains many, many, millions of planet entities and star bodies.
Since the passage is a bit vague on its own, it may be difficult to decipher the exact meaning of this passage alone. Though within later passages, the text refers to humanoids as “planet entities”. If the text refers to planets and humans with this same vague term, it is quite possible that both the number of planets and humanoids falls within the magnitude of millions, as David mentions in his talk.
He goes on to explain how the human form is an intelligently designed form, and that it can be seen throughout the cosmos. This repetitive form is said to be a divine expression (a sort of fractal template, or the expression of the universal “logos”, in Law of One terms).