Thursday, March 24, 2016

Age Reversal is Real and is Currently Being Tested on Humans

The topic of age reversal or regression, known in antiquity as the search for the fountain of youth, is a mysterious and alluring pursuit.

In our egocentric and materialistic world, the focus on beauty and appearance have created huge industries. And what if behind closed doors, technology was being developed to reverse the aging process?

Corey Goode, Randy Cramer, William Tomkins, and Michael Relfe are secret space program insiders and whistleblowers who have disclosed the existence of age regression technology. Dr. Michael Salla is a Ufology researcher that compiled some of their testimony in a recent article on his website

While many people balk at the notion of a secret space program and technology developed in secret, the realities of age reversal are hardly new. 
Reversing biological entropy, also known as age regression, can be effected by several different techniques. Electromagnetic processes are used in most forms of age reversal, either by ingesting substances or altering emotional states, which both have a marked effect on the fields produced by the body.